Adventures of an Awkward Spinster

{dress: ASOS, belt: Target}

I didn't wear this today.
I wore this on Monday, to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Because I am such a hardcore geek I bought the "Harry Potter Passport" and have seen/will see each Harry Potter in the theatre one last time before the final one comes out. 
So I wore this dress, and felt all cute. Which is important for a Monday. 
Feeling cute might've been nice today though, too. 
Here's why.

Today was a weird day. I got to sleep around 2, woke up at 5, and could not get back to sleep. I have a lot of sleep problems. Usually it's not enough sleep, like last night. But lately it's been sleeping too much, so to all of a sudden go back to getting not enough kinda threw me today. So I wore shorts with leggings (since it was quite chilly today) and a shirt with some avocado on it that I didn't relize was there until I was in the bathroom at school. And I don't even have kids. (In my defense, it was only on the bottom of the shirt, and not really that noticable...) And my hair which I actually had time to curl all nice this morning got warped in the wind and I had to tie my bangs back because they got all gross.
Basically, Erin = a hot mess today.
"Whatever" I told myself, "I'm allowed a schlubby day every once in a while..."
But of course, today, the schlubby day, I had to take my phone in to my provider since it stopped working last night. And guess who is there to help me with such a task? A guy who, legit, was an exact copy of Ryan Gosling. SERIOUSLY?!?!!? THE ONE DAY I LET MYSELF LOOK LIKE CRAP?!?!

As if the day couldn't get any more embarassing, before looking at my phone he asked me a simple question...

No, Ryan Gosling, I did not think to try turning it off an on again. Even though I am freaking obsessed with The IT crowd and hear that little nugget of advice as I re-watch episodes and clips of that show  constantly. 
So he turned it off an on again and, behold! My phone was saved!  My dignity however, was not. 


  1. Ah..rough day:( I do stuff like that all the time with my techy problems.

  2. Ha! That clip is hilarious! Is it just a youtube channel or is it a show? Still...kinda funny ;-)

    I completely know what you mean about your hubba hubba run-in. Though I have never run into such a handsome fellow, I always seem to run into old friends or coworkers when on errands. And usually it involves a messy top knot, sans makeup, and running shoes : aka not a pretty picture. Which is why seeing your blog & how you dress daily gives me a boost to take some extra time with myself...it pays off in the end. Even if I just do it for myself.

  3. Hey Erin, I think it would be almost impossible for you to look schlubby, you are always so put together. That dress is gorgeous!!

  4. As painful as your story was, it made me laugh. I can relate! My friends always swear I look put together all the time and I just think they haven't seen me on a weekday afternoon! I don't usually get dressed to wear errands or anything.

    But, hey, now that you know where the Ryan look-a-like works, you can stop in more often when you're all dressed up! At least, that's what I would do. lol


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