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Today was a frightening day. I woke up and my internet didn't work. I figured it was just down and I maybe shouldn't go online anyways. So I left it and went to church. Then when I got home, terror struck. The internet was still down. I had no idea why. It's not like I typed google into google or anything. So I called my provider and tried for 40 minutes to get it working again. No dice. So they scheduled the earliest appointment they had to get it fixed. The earliest appointment was June 16!! I then proceeded to die inside. Then I cheered up my spirits with watching Harry Potter. Once I had finished Harry Potter, I found my internet was working again! Hurrah! Now my life is no longer over.
Moral of the story: I am far too reliant on the internet. 

So, onto the outfit. I found this skirt at value village a while back and fell in love with it, of course. Anything with polka-dots immediately owns my heart. So when I was playing around with how to wear it I discovered it could easily be fashioned into a dress by just wearing it up a bit! I love when I get two pieces out of one. 


  1. Great idea... You look fantabulous!!!

  2. I love your hair color! I have often tried to go that color and my hair just does not want to cooperate. It looks fantastic on you!

  3. JUNE 16TH?! That is WHACK. I'm glad it works though! My internet sadly goes in and out as it pleases and the provider hasn't been too helpful in fixing it. It's okay for now but it isn't always.

    I love who you did your hair and your skirt-dress looks fantastic.

  4. Ah! That is such a darling pattern for a skirt/dress.

    My sister borrows internet from a friend in her apartment building and something went wrong for about 4 whole days (last week) and she was without internet. It was bad for her. Luckily here at home we had some she could borrow. I guess if it happened to me, I wouldn't mind. I get so lost in computer games sometime that I forget I have access to the internet. haha


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