Swim Suit Up! Again...

Excuse the crappy mirror phone shot, I was just too excited about my new Modcloth suit to bother with a real photo. 

Can I just say...

I've been eyeing it for years (years!) but have always been hesitant to order it because buying suits online is scary. (even though it worked out okay before). But this year, when the yearning for a new suit came in, I gave in to the polka dots and finally ordered it. 
I am just thrilled with my purchase! 
One of my worries is that it would be too low in the back, something i've experience trying on similarly styled suits in store before. But i'm happy to say this one hits the perfect spot on my back! And i've got a long torso! 

I can't wait until the ocean gets just a little bit warmer (you hear that sun? SHOW YOURSELF!!) so I can break out this baby on the beach. I'll also try to accost someone to take proper photos of me as well. 

I got a size 18, which is roughly what I am. Modcloth recommends to size up but I ordered my true size after reading some of the reviews and doing some measuring. 

And if polka dots aren't your thing, the same style comes in lots of other colours and patterns!


  1. I must agree that I LOVE this suit!! I bought it straight from Esther William's site and wear it anytime water is near. It's beautiful on everyone and surely doesn't make me feel self conscious.

  2. So cute! I love the polka dots and it looks great on you!

  3. It is so cute! The polka dots are perfect very flattering:>

  4. Isn't it A-FREAKIN-MAZING!? I looooove it!! I have the purple and I'm totally buying another one this summer, probably the emerald or red :) we can be twinsies at the beach! You look great Erin!

  5. wow! i am totally jealous of this beauty of a swimsuit. you look great in it! gotta start saving my pennies!

  6. I love this bathing suit! It's so retro and cute!

  7. I have it in red! I'm going to get mine fitted better though, it's way too big. I sized up according to the size chart and it's like a bag on me (and my boobs). But you look wonderful in it.

  8. You look fantastic in this!!
    I swear I've seen this swimsuit everywhere. I really, really want it! That kind of sounded bratty, but this is one of suits that seems to flatter plus bodies (heck, small bodies as well) so wonderfully. I've had such terribly luck with swimsuits for pretty much forever. I always end up wearing a tank/shorts over them just because they never fit or flatter.
    I guess it's time for me to save money up for this! haha

  9. Wow that is stunning- you look amazing! :) x



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