the perks of being a spinster


Part of why I like going home to visit family (other than the visiting family part) is that my mom likes to go shopping. And so do I. My dad does not like it when we shop together, but I sure do.
That is how I got this beauty of a dress. I think what also helped was my little sister was in the process of getting engaged and my mom must've felt sorry for her spinster middle child daughter and took me shopping because of it. At least that's the angle I worked it when she was debating weather or not to buy it for me. "But mom, if Sarah gets married i'll need a dress to wear to her wedding..." Then out came the credit card!


Not only is it the perfect cut and colour, it's freaking comfortable!! I love when I look classy but feel like I am wearing pajamas.
Seriously, this dress is so amazing I really don't need to write anything, right?

But I guess I can mention it's fun to spin in, too.


Want the details? It's the Beverly dress by Heartbreaker Fashion.

Warning: do not click that site if you are like me and have an affinity for vintage dresses and a maxed out credit card. Unless you can use your hopelessly single spinster middle child status guilt to get your mom to buy it for you. Hey, it worked for me...
Now hopefully by the time my sister goes around to actually getting married (in a year, supposedly...) I can talk my mom in to buying me another Heartbreaker dress for the reception...


  1. this dress totally rocks!!!! i seriously DIE!!! it even twirls perfectly! you are such a beauty!


  2. such a beautiful dress! it looks great on you. it seems like that is the type of dress that could last a gal a lifetime; it's so classy & classic.

    erin, are your frames vintage or did you buy them retail?

  3. This dress is SO pretty and the color looks SO good on you. The color pops against your hair and skin. And don't worry, you're not the only one who's guilted your mom into buying you stuff. Lately my thing is saying I'm too hot (which is true) and I get ice-cream when we're out. Works every time! haha

  4. Thanks Selina! A good twirl is key to any good dress. ;)

    thanks franchesca! I agree, this will never go out of style! My glasses are vintage. I found them at a vintage store here in Vancouver because I couldn't find any current glasses that were cat-eye enough for me. Since they are so old I have to deal with loose hinges, and them sliding down my face constantly since I can't totally adjust them. But it's worth it in my books. ;)

    Thanks Hannah! haha. I've totally used that to my advantage during the summer too. ;)


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