{shirt: The Bay, belt & skirt (was a dress): H&M)

Sorry for such shotty photo quality. My camera was not being kind to me today.
Until I decided to try siting down, which resluted in a much better lit photo that kind of just looks like an awkward school picture. 
When taking outfit photos, I basically just play around with settings, pointing the camera at my patio furniture, until I get something decent. Then I set the self timer, snap a few shots, and hope it looks okay. Then when I upload them sometimes I wonder how I ever approved them on my camera. 
I need a photog. 

Anythings better than having this in the background though, right?

That's the smoke emitting from downtown thanks to the burned cars. this is from my balcony. Last night after my bad afternoon, I went to laugh away my troubles by seeing Bridesmaids. (Which might've been for the third time...) I got home, looked out my window, and saw this. Discusting.
However, incase the news hasn't pointed it out, Vancouver is mostly home to some pretty amazing people. (We're not all rioters and assholes on the train!) By the time I got down there around 12:30, it looked spotless. Which I hope redeems the city I love so much and am fortunate enough to call home just a bit. 

...and in other good news, the lovely City Chic is having a crazy good sale right now. So crazy you'd be crazy to not take advantage. 


  1. Hi there, Erin...

    I am one of your newbie readers, and let me just say that you will be one of my daily reads now. I have enjoyed your archives & have been given a little push of inspiration to get out there, use those clothes i have, & get dressed ever-so cute! I appreciate your blog, espcially since I am a "curvier" 14/16. Whenever I'm in a rut, I will turn here. Thank you, dear!

    If you ever open up a "shop my closet" page, I will definitely be a customer. I love your style!

    california, usa

  2. Thanks so much Franchesca! I'm so glad you get something out of my blog. :) Stay tuned, i've actually got a huge bag full of goodies i'm selling once I get organized enough!

  3. I love your skirt! The mixed patterns in this outfit make it so beautiful and interesting!'



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