{shirt: Joe. skirt: Addition Elle}

Oh, my! Not an outfit posted in a week! My bad. Don't worry, I have been wearing clothes, I just haven't been very good at taking pictures of me in them. 
I really liked todays outfit because it illustrates two of my favorite things, two rock star wardrobe staples that pack a punch on their own, and only get better when together. 

1) A black pencil skirt. Classic. Never fails. I'm in love with this one I got at addition elle recently, because it's stretches. Stretchy waistbands are a girls best friend!

2) Striped shirts. Patterns = interest = good. Bonus points if there is an embellishment. With an embellishment,  it doesn't look like you just put on a t-shirt, (which you totally did! You sneaky devil!) so you can get away with being lazy and stylish! Also an embellished striped tee totally justifies your purcahse of yet another striped t-shirt because it's stlightly different then the hundreds you already have.

And it is in my experience that when you have two wonder pieces, it's best to combine them on a morning when you didn't go to bed until 4:30 last night and have no time whatsoever to think in the morning and still want to look and feel cute. 
Although my staying up until 4:30 was totally justified. I went to a double feature drive in! It was so much fun. I definitely need to frequent my local drive in more this summer. I had never been to one before. I'm converted now. I love it. It's such a good value too! You pay the price of one movie, and then you can either stay for the the first one or watch the three they show each night. We saw X-Men (loved it) and Bridesmaids (my second time, which caused me to love it even more than the first, which I didn't think was possible), but didn't stay for Scream 4 because I am terrified of everything and cannot watch scary movies.  The only downside is the movie theatre is waaay out in the boonies so even when you only watch two movies you don't get home until 3:30. And if you are me and can't get to sleep ever, then you are up even later. 
But it's totally worth it.


  1. Looks adorable! I am slowly adding pieces to my wardrobe in hopes that I can someday dress as cute as you!

  2. There is a drive in, in my town too! I've only been a handful of times in my life, but they are fun. Something about watching a movie outdoors with your friends. That's saying a lot from me since I don't really care to watch movies.

    This outfit looks so good! You also forget to mention the cute hair accessory. Those are great for the days when your rushing and your hair just needs.. something. At least, that's how it is for me. haha


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