see this mess behind me? GONE! thanks mom.

Aahh! I've been such a bad blogger. I have had one crazy week! my mom was here and we were so busy! On top of being in school (and having an essay to write), my mom and I refinished a vintage dresser, cleaned and organized my entire room/closet (basically the whole room was like a closet, my clothes were everywhere!!) did 100 loads of laundry (I may've done the whole 'wearing a bathing suit because i haven't done laundry in forever' the day my mom got here....ha!) and painted a few more pieces of furniture, hung things on the wall, went to the beach, and laughed lots and lots. I have the best mom ever. Seriously. My friends have always been jealous of her. 

I'll share pictures of the outfits I wore (and my projects!) as soon as she sends me the photos. Lately my camera is being mean and not working all the time. :( 

So here's an outfit I wore a little while ago but didn't blog about. I wore it on a date, which was a dud, but the outfit was definitely not. 

I have a craaaazy week coming up, but I promise to be better 'round these parts! I haven't been able to read blogs all week. My mom makes me so productive! But I have missed all my blogs. It feels like there is something missing in my empty life...
Which probably means I spend too much time on the interwebs.
Which is the understatement of the century. 


A while back I was honored and excited when City Chic asked me to participate in a "Blogger Look Book" feature. Incase you haven't seen it yet, here it is! Check it out to see me and all the other lovely ladies featured! 

To see my post on the look I put together, check it out here


Mischief Managed

This is a Harry Potter Post.
(With lots of pictures, taken by my lovely and talented friend, Diana.)

Expecto Patronum!
Last night I went to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two.
I have been waiting for this for literally, 10 years. (I didn't get into the books until the movies. Yeah, I'm one of those.)

So with it being the last ever oppurunity of my life to ever see a Harry Potter movie at midnight, and since I didn't get to go last time, I had to make it count.
In the past i've just dressed up as a Ravenclaw, since that's my house. I was all set to do that this time, but then I decided to make a t-shirt instead. 
So I started with that. A t-shirt from the craft store, chopped to fit me better and look much nicer. 

Deathly Hallows symbol, which is obvious, and Team Severus, which is obvious if you have read the books. (Or have now seen the movie...) I love me some Snape. 

So as I was finished the shirt on Wednesday night, I went and wore it to school the next day, (geek pride!), but I wanted to wear it so it would look nice, as opposed to just wearing it with a pair of jeans, which I find to be boring. 
As I selected one of my favorite floral skirts to make it more me, I thought to myself "This is a bit Luna Lovegood", and went on with the day.

Then all of Thursday afternoon I was crazy excied mess, and decided a t-shirt just wasn't enough. 
I went with the Luna look, and made myself a butterbeer cork necklace (to keep the nargles away), and a pair of derigible plum earrings.

Buterbeer necklace, owl pin, Derigible Plum earring, Ravenclaw nails!

I curled my hair, and picked a pair of bright tights to finish off the Luna look.

I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. Even though I am not a blonde, I still think I made a pretty good Luna. Even though a few people had to ask to make sure I was Luna. 

While I usually dress up based on current hair conditions, for Harry Potter, I cannot. Ginny is boring. Don't really want to dress up like Molly, and I have my issues with Lilly. 
Luna is one of my favorite characters, and it was fun to dress up as her!
Even though my style isn't all that far off from hers, so it almost didn't feel like dressing up...

With my owl I made at "Build a Bear", named Hedwig, of course.

Of coure, as a hardcore fan, I am sad it's over. Leading up until the movie I would start to tear up at every new clip and video posted. I knew I would be a mess at the show, and I was right. The last half of the movie, the tears would not stop. During one montage of a certain half blood, I was literally shaking, trying to suppress my sobs, tears streaming down my face.  So touching. Even more than the book, I dare say. 
I don't want to spoil it for anybody though, so I will just say this, BRING TISSUES. 

I'm still sad that it's over. Realizing that there will be no more Harry Potter after this. When the seventh book came out, at least there was still movies to look forward to. Now there is nothing.
So I am trying to hold it together. 

"It isn't really goodbye, after all."

"Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home."


something wicked this way comes...

Here is a little sneak preview of what I will be rocking at tonight's midnight premiere of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PT.2!!!!

Siriusly. I woke up at 7 this morning (for a 10:30 class) and couldn't get back to sleep, I was so excited. I am counting down the hours  (10.5) until finally, I can see DH2. 

And yet I am so so so sad at the same time. Every time I watch a new clip, or see a photo of the new movie, I tear up. Yeah. That's right. I admit it. I'm an over-emotional dork. 
Tonight will be such a roller coaster of emotions. I can't believe it's over!!!!

I'm not posting a full outfit yet because I have coerced a friend of mine to take some good ones for me! Score! So I will be posting those soon.

Until then, here is a photo from last week. 

{dress: old navy, belt: target, flats: payless}

So much better than my usual crooked, poorly lit, awkwardly posed and timed apartment photos, eh? 
I'm lucky I have such and awesome and talented friend who is willing to take photos for me! 


a lovely crown of curls

Who else is on Pinterest? I finally got one, and it's kind of taken over my life. I am obsessed with this site. love love love it. So as I was browsing last night, I came across this little tutorial for how to curl your hair with no heat. Since I dye, dry, straighten, and curl my hair on a regular basis, I'm totally willing to try a method that will give me pretty hair without damaging it even further. 
And I am so delighted to say it worked!! It totally worked. Really, really, really, worked.

(just washed hair, blow dried)


Pretty great, right? The best part? It took almost no time whatsoever and no product.

Normally I spent at least half an hour curling my hair, spraying each individual curl in order to get it to hold. But last night, all I did was wrap my hair a in a headband, and go to sleep. This morning, i took the headband out, and played around with my curls until I found a style I liked best. 

For a comparison, the photo booth picture was taken just now (almost 4) where as these photos were taken around 9:30. Curls are still very much intact, with only a tiny spritz of hair spray, even though I have been playing with my hair all day (the curls are just so springy!) and even drove around with my windows down. 
Colour me impressed. 

Anyways, this is what I wore today:

{shirt & skirt: old navy, belt: thrifted}

And yes, sadly I am still a cripple. :(

Find the video tutorial for this hair style here.

Find me on Pinterest here!

And how about another link? Gazel is giving a Canadian a pair of glasses here! Sweet!!


scissor happy

This morning I chopped up this dress...

{skirt: thrifted altered dress, top: Joe, belt: Target}

And got a skirt out of it!
Kinda like that other time. Okay, it is pretty much the exact same method. Only this elastic waist was much easier to cut close enough to so that I don't even need to sew it down to make a pretty hemline! Score! 
I already love this garment 100% better as a skirt. I only wore it a couple times as a dress. Now it'll be a wardrobe staple. Just you wait. 

Moral of the story: if you want a lazy skirt like me, just make sure the dress you are sacrificing has an elastic waist. And that you don't care for the top much. Which I didn't, with this dress.

What do you think? 
Big improvement?
Am I a little too scissor happy?
Should I chop up all my dresses?
Should I take it easy and maybe not chop up my wardrobe?
Am I a danger to all my dresses?
(ha! ya right, jk about chopping all my dresses up.)


Canady Cane

When I was little I got really into Canada day. I'd always go all out in red and white.
Then I got older, and got cooler.
Until I got even more cooler when I realized I had a red swimsuit and a white coverup, and could show my Canadian pride in a classy, chic way.

{Land's End swimsuit under a cover up, from Joe.}

So this is what I wore to the beach for a Canada day picnic. 
...except I threw on leggings because it was cool and cloudy. The plight of living in Vancouver.

Canada colours = red and white
Candy cane colours = red and white
...get it?
Okay. I am lame. 

But Canada isn't. 
I frequently talk about how i'd high-tail it to Portland, or San Fran, or NYC, if only an American would marry me (because I totally would) but really, I like it here. And i've been reminded this past week of just how good we Canadians have it.

Case in point:
Tuesday night I took a little trip to the ER. Why? I had a back spasm. I had never had one before, so I had no idea what was happening when I was paralyzed with pain and couldn't move or stop crying for an hour and it hurt to breathe. Good times. Since I do not like writhing around in pain and don't do it often, I called the nurse hotline to see what I should do. They suggested a trip to the ER. So an ambulance was called, and I got to the hospital, where after hours of waiting, they diagnosed a back spasm, pumped me with drugs, and sent me home with a prescription for more drugs. AND IT WAS ALL FREE! Well, I had to pay $3 for the drugs I took home because my dad's plan only covers 80% of medicine, but still. Speaking of free care, all my tests and checks i've had for my foot - those were free too.
Canada, you are awesome. 

Even though I complain about our lack of cute, affordable plus sized clothes, and how we don't have Target, or Trader Joes, or cheap movies, or a variety of self serve froyo places, or any of the other wonders of America, I still like it here.

Oh, and lipstick on the beach? Totally acceptable. Because I did it today.

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