see this mess behind me? GONE! thanks mom.

Aahh! I've been such a bad blogger. I have had one crazy week! my mom was here and we were so busy! On top of being in school (and having an essay to write), my mom and I refinished a vintage dresser, cleaned and organized my entire room/closet (basically the whole room was like a closet, my clothes were everywhere!!) did 100 loads of laundry (I may've done the whole 'wearing a bathing suit because i haven't done laundry in forever' the day my mom got here....ha!) and painted a few more pieces of furniture, hung things on the wall, went to the beach, and laughed lots and lots. I have the best mom ever. Seriously. My friends have always been jealous of her. 

I'll share pictures of the outfits I wore (and my projects!) as soon as she sends me the photos. Lately my camera is being mean and not working all the time. :( 

So here's an outfit I wore a little while ago but didn't blog about. I wore it on a date, which was a dud, but the outfit was definitely not. 

I have a craaaazy week coming up, but I promise to be better 'round these parts! I haven't been able to read blogs all week. My mom makes me so productive! But I have missed all my blogs. It feels like there is something missing in my empty life...
Which probably means I spend too much time on the interwebs.
Which is the understatement of the century. 


  1. No way your moms the best, mine is!

    But really, it's super cool your mom does that. Since my sister has gotten her own apartment, I'm suddenly much more aware of all the work it takes to keep up a small space. We were actually working on similar projects the past few week, painting a desk and rearranging.

    Oh my goodness! The feeling of missing out on my blogs is sad. Sad for missing out on others lives, but also sad that your life is so much on the internet. But I know the feeling, I pretty much haven't read a single blog this week so I gotta do some catchin' up!

  2. i wanna see your projects!!!!!!

  3. Cute date-night outfit! (Sorry the date fizzled out!)


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