Canady Cane

When I was little I got really into Canada day. I'd always go all out in red and white.
Then I got older, and got cooler.
Until I got even more cooler when I realized I had a red swimsuit and a white coverup, and could show my Canadian pride in a classy, chic way.

{Land's End swimsuit under a cover up, from Joe.}

So this is what I wore to the beach for a Canada day picnic. 
...except I threw on leggings because it was cool and cloudy. The plight of living in Vancouver.

Canada colours = red and white
Candy cane colours = red and white
...get it?
Okay. I am lame. 

But Canada isn't. 
I frequently talk about how i'd high-tail it to Portland, or San Fran, or NYC, if only an American would marry me (because I totally would) but really, I like it here. And i've been reminded this past week of just how good we Canadians have it.

Case in point:
Tuesday night I took a little trip to the ER. Why? I had a back spasm. I had never had one before, so I had no idea what was happening when I was paralyzed with pain and couldn't move or stop crying for an hour and it hurt to breathe. Good times. Since I do not like writhing around in pain and don't do it often, I called the nurse hotline to see what I should do. They suggested a trip to the ER. So an ambulance was called, and I got to the hospital, where after hours of waiting, they diagnosed a back spasm, pumped me with drugs, and sent me home with a prescription for more drugs. AND IT WAS ALL FREE! Well, I had to pay $3 for the drugs I took home because my dad's plan only covers 80% of medicine, but still. Speaking of free care, all my tests and checks i've had for my foot - those were free too.
Canada, you are awesome. 

Even though I complain about our lack of cute, affordable plus sized clothes, and how we don't have Target, or Trader Joes, or cheap movies, or a variety of self serve froyo places, or any of the other wonders of America, I still like it here.

Oh, and lipstick on the beach? Totally acceptable. Because I did it today.


  1. Everything about this look is amazing! Way to show some Canadian pride. :)

  2. loving the lipstick on the beach!!! so chic!



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