a lovely crown of curls

Who else is on Pinterest? I finally got one, and it's kind of taken over my life. I am obsessed with this site. love love love it. So as I was browsing last night, I came across this little tutorial for how to curl your hair with no heat. Since I dye, dry, straighten, and curl my hair on a regular basis, I'm totally willing to try a method that will give me pretty hair without damaging it even further. 
And I am so delighted to say it worked!! It totally worked. Really, really, really, worked.

(just washed hair, blow dried)


Pretty great, right? The best part? It took almost no time whatsoever and no product.

Normally I spent at least half an hour curling my hair, spraying each individual curl in order to get it to hold. But last night, all I did was wrap my hair a in a headband, and go to sleep. This morning, i took the headband out, and played around with my curls until I found a style I liked best. 

For a comparison, the photo booth picture was taken just now (almost 4) where as these photos were taken around 9:30. Curls are still very much intact, with only a tiny spritz of hair spray, even though I have been playing with my hair all day (the curls are just so springy!) and even drove around with my windows down. 
Colour me impressed. 

Anyways, this is what I wore today:

{shirt & skirt: old navy, belt: thrifted}

And yes, sadly I am still a cripple. :(

Find the video tutorial for this hair style here.

Find me on Pinterest here!

And how about another link? Gazel is giving a Canadian a pair of glasses here! Sweet!!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, it looks great!

  2. Lovely... I wld prolly pull my hair out while sleeping LOL!

    By the way I've added you on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/fidainc/

  3. I've been seeing this hair/video tutorial all ovah the place! But I guess with good reason, your hair looks fantastic afterwards! You could have fooled me if you said it was done WITHOUT heat.

    Gee, doesn't your foot realize you have a life and don't need to be crippled?! I really hope it doesn't last much longer.

  4. inbetween fashion-It is great! Glad you like it. :)
    Fida-I think the hair helps to keep the headband on a bit, though by the time I got up it was starting to slip off a bit. Even with it falling off though, I still got really great results!
    Hannah-Ugh! I know! It sucks being crippled in the summer. I want to go for walks and hang out at the beach and enjoy my summer! Haha. Thanks!

  5. Love the curls, they look really good on you!



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