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This is a Harry Potter Post.
(With lots of pictures, taken by my lovely and talented friend, Diana.)

Expecto Patronum!
Last night I went to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two.
I have been waiting for this for literally, 10 years. (I didn't get into the books until the movies. Yeah, I'm one of those.)

So with it being the last ever oppurunity of my life to ever see a Harry Potter movie at midnight, and since I didn't get to go last time, I had to make it count.
In the past i've just dressed up as a Ravenclaw, since that's my house. I was all set to do that this time, but then I decided to make a t-shirt instead. 
So I started with that. A t-shirt from the craft store, chopped to fit me better and look much nicer. 

Deathly Hallows symbol, which is obvious, and Team Severus, which is obvious if you have read the books. (Or have now seen the movie...) I love me some Snape. 

So as I was finished the shirt on Wednesday night, I went and wore it to school the next day, (geek pride!), but I wanted to wear it so it would look nice, as opposed to just wearing it with a pair of jeans, which I find to be boring. 
As I selected one of my favorite floral skirts to make it more me, I thought to myself "This is a bit Luna Lovegood", and went on with the day.

Then all of Thursday afternoon I was crazy excied mess, and decided a t-shirt just wasn't enough. 
I went with the Luna look, and made myself a butterbeer cork necklace (to keep the nargles away), and a pair of derigible plum earrings.

Buterbeer necklace, owl pin, Derigible Plum earring, Ravenclaw nails!

I curled my hair, and picked a pair of bright tights to finish off the Luna look.

I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. Even though I am not a blonde, I still think I made a pretty good Luna. Even though a few people had to ask to make sure I was Luna. 

While I usually dress up based on current hair conditions, for Harry Potter, I cannot. Ginny is boring. Don't really want to dress up like Molly, and I have my issues with Lilly. 
Luna is one of my favorite characters, and it was fun to dress up as her!
Even though my style isn't all that far off from hers, so it almost didn't feel like dressing up...

With my owl I made at "Build a Bear", named Hedwig, of course.

Of coure, as a hardcore fan, I am sad it's over. Leading up until the movie I would start to tear up at every new clip and video posted. I knew I would be a mess at the show, and I was right. The last half of the movie, the tears would not stop. During one montage of a certain half blood, I was literally shaking, trying to suppress my sobs, tears streaming down my face.  So touching. Even more than the book, I dare say. 
I don't want to spoil it for anybody though, so I will just say this, BRING TISSUES. 

I'm still sad that it's over. Realizing that there will be no more Harry Potter after this. When the seventh book came out, at least there was still movies to look forward to. Now there is nothing.
So I am trying to hold it together. 

"It isn't really goodbye, after all."

"Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home."


  1. Oh, I love your outfit! It's the kind of slighty quirky, Luna Lovegood look I want to pursue :) +those tights are awesome

  2. Waaaah, I teared up just reading your post! Love your Luna look--so cute! I have Pt. 1 of Deathly Hallows on DVD to watch today, and hope to see Pt. 2 this week.

  3. Wow, you really went all out. I admire your creativity and enthusiasm for the movie!

    While I'm not a HP fan, I've got many RL friends who are just as into as you are. Most of them bought the tickets for the good theaters well in advance, attended the late night showing, and dressed in full costume.

    One that note! If the Babysitters Club ever came back for a new movie, you can expect me to be first one in line and dressed to impress. lol

  4. oh my gosh! so cute!!! did you see Katherine from thrifted things? she was team dumbledore.... {i am just assuming everyone in ID was at the same theater... } totally love the look and all the details you put into the outfit... i am going tonight! can't wait!!


  5. love Love LOVE your outfit! The details are to die for, gosh grrl, you really went all out. I'm so jealous! At this point, I'm not sure when I will see the film, but reading your post made my longing to see it 100x stronger!

  6. Thanks so much everyone!!
    Sue-Luna has got the best style. ;) You will rock the look!
    chiefbroad-i'm glad i'm not the only one who gets so emotional, haha! bring lots of tissues to the theatre!
    Hannah-A Babysitters comeback would be awesome! I loved that movie as a kid. ;)
    selina-I'm actually in Vancouver, Canada. ;) hope you liked the movie. ;)
    bigonmodesty-I'm sure you will love the movie! It was perfection!

  7. Love your outfit! and I was a total mess during the movie! Especially 'The Prince's Tale'

  8. OH MY! How cute is your Harry Potter costume?!?! I LOVE IT! The tights and printed skirt and everything! So adorable!!

  9. This is the best post, ever! Seriously love the Deathly Hollows symbol! So stinkin' cute (as is your wand photo and Hedwig tossing... oh, poor Hedwing, now I'm verklempt.)

  10. I really love this blog! Your sense of style is great! I REALLY LOVE this post! My friend and I made draco malfoy shirts, and pants lol They were very fun to make! Harry Potter is so great and I can't believe this is ending. And as for Hedwig, that build a bear is way too cute.



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