scissor happy

This morning I chopped up this dress...

{skirt: thrifted altered dress, top: Joe, belt: Target}

And got a skirt out of it!
Kinda like that other time. Okay, it is pretty much the exact same method. Only this elastic waist was much easier to cut close enough to so that I don't even need to sew it down to make a pretty hemline! Score! 
I already love this garment 100% better as a skirt. I only wore it a couple times as a dress. Now it'll be a wardrobe staple. Just you wait. 

Moral of the story: if you want a lazy skirt like me, just make sure the dress you are sacrificing has an elastic waist. And that you don't care for the top much. Which I didn't, with this dress.

What do you think? 
Big improvement?
Am I a little too scissor happy?
Should I chop up all my dresses?
Should I take it easy and maybe not chop up my wardrobe?
Am I a danger to all my dresses?
(ha! ya right, jk about chopping all my dresses up.)


  1. You are so gorgeous and cute and fabulous, it's almost ridiculous. Love your blog and that skirt!!


  2. Aww, good work!! I approve. haha
    It's a really bold color (hello, color blocking!) and I think you'll get tons more wear out of it than before as a dress. Usually I just find ways to layer over my lesser liked dresses, but I guess that doesn't work well in the sweltering heat of the Summer. This is a much better option!


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