Once again, I am sorry for being a bad blogger. Life has been ca-ra-zay lately. As I mentioned, last week my mom was here and it was a jam packed week full of projects. My mom is the complete opposite of me in that when she thinks up a project, she does it. Where as I think up a project, then think about it, then think some more, then think and think and think about it and rarely ever get around to doing it. So it was nice to have her here to help me get to work!

Firstly, I apologize for the quality. My SLR is being annoying and not working, so all of these are stolen from my mom's facebook page and were taken with her point and shoot. I'll have better photos of the projects once my camera co-operates!

I wore this out to lunch and then for a stroll on the beach. The lovely flower is a gift from my mom and dad. They were just in Italy! They didn't bring me an Italian husband like I asked, but I do really, really love this flower. I also got some lovely jewlery! 

The project i'm most excited about is the vintage dresser we restored. I'm so so in love with it!! We just mozied on into a thrift store one day after a delicious vegetarian brunch and found this baby. We also happened to be in the process of organizing my room so a new dresser was the perfect fix. It was a truly horrid shade when we found it, but it had such great potential. Just look at that detailing! I knew all I would have to do is paint it turquoise to unleash it's true potential.

I am IN LOVE with this colour!!! It could not have turned out more perfect!!
In fact, I love this colour so much, that no surface in my apartment was safe. A foot stool, a shelf, the back of another shelf, and my hutch were our next victims.

I am so in love with the hutch!! We found this great book of scrap paper with such cute patterns! We just sprayed some adhesive on the drawers and stuck on the paper! 
I also used the same method to cover some bland white magazine holders from ikea:

Can you tell i'm a vegetarian? I actually had to make a second magazine holder for the rest of my VT issues!
And then we worked on reconfiguring my 'display wall" in my apartment. We were originally going to paint it turquoise (since we bought a gallon of paint, which was waaaay over estimating what we would need!) but my mom decided she didn't want to have to come help me paint it over when I moved out. Fair enough. I'm really happy with my newly configured art wall! The chevron canvas was another project we worked on.  I've been wanting to make one for a while but I haaate measuring!! Numbers are my nemesis. 

On my mom's last night here I treated her to dinner for her birthday which was on Saturday. We went to a fancy fancy restaurant with amazing views. The food sadly, was anything but amazing. And veerrrry expensive. 

such a beautiful view of my city!

I wore my Anthro dress and one of the necklaces my mom brought me from Italy to keep things classy.

Aaaaand, last but not least, here is my beach outfit. I wore my new suit from modcloth and some shorts from f21+ with a flower in my hair. 

And yes, if you are reading what time this was posted it is, in-fact, 6:25 as I am typing this. Why am I up so early? I'm not. I just haven't slept. Oh, insomnia! At least I got some decent progress done on an essay. And I think I just may make myself a batch of vegan waffles for breakfast this morning...

I have one more week of classes then I'm DONE! Well, until the fall semester starts up...I also have two essays, and a group presentation to work on so my absence may not be remedied until the end of the craziness that is this final week of school. So once again I am sorry for my absence! Thanks for sticking with me! ;) 


  1. You look beautiful! and that dresser is CUTTTTTTTTE

  2. You look ao great in all your outfit photos. Love your decorating too! Now I'm feeling envious. I love your display wall, and that Jewelry tree you hang your necklaces.

  3. i've just stumbled upon your blog and i love it, you make me want to buy dresses and skirts .. now if only i wasn't dead broke lol

  4. I love that first outfit! Your apartment is decorated beautifully!

  5. @ Stefanie, thanks! I'm in love with the dresser. ;)
    @bigonmodesty, thank you kindly! :)
    @Carble Girl, Thanks, andI feel your pain, haha. I wish I had money to buy more skirts and dresses!
    @Francesca, thank you to both!


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