Pretty in Pink

{dress: F21+, necklace: The Bay, heels: Zellers}

If you read my blog often you'll notice I don't wear pink all that much. I actually had a hard time finding a shirt for Pink Shirt Day back in February. 
I used to be convinced I could never wear pink as a redhead. Not only because of that, but because of my pink pink skin. But since i've been spending a little bit more time outside now that school is over I'm getting pretty dark (for me). So I decided to get crazy and wear pink today! 
I'm really happy with this outfit. I love the simplicity of a good dress and a statement necklace. 
Also, this dress is crazy comfortable but still looks classy. Win! 


Not only is the blog title fitting because I am literally, pretty in pink, but It's an homage to one of my all-time favorite movies of the same name. I adore Molly Ringwald and John Hughes, and Pretty in Pink is my second favorite of their collaborations. (Breakfast Club being the first.) Both movies about outsiders, which I very much am in my ward lately. So since I'm an outsider at church, I'm spending my night in, and i think i'll watch one (or both) of these beloved films.


  1. That's funny, I think I've been told not to wear pink or orange since I was little because I'm a redhead. I'm now convinced that it's only cotton candy pink and fluorescent orange that I shouldn't wear. But I hear you, the paleness is tricky, but the rewards are that we look really awesome in teal, blue, green, and purple.

  2. Love this look on you. And it is awesome in its simplicity. Beautiful!

  3. I'm horrible at recognizing good colors for me and my skin. I just grab it and wear it!
    So I'm not gonna comment about that, but I love the vibrancy of this pink! This dress flatters your body very nicely. (while I don't notice colors often, I do notice the cut of my clothes which is more important to me. haha)

    Since you're one of the few I can talk to about John Hughes and all good 80's things; have you ever seen Sixteen Candles? I had just picked up the VHS copy of it for the first time because I've never watched it. It's just sitting on my shelve waiting to be watched right now. What do you think of it?

  4. Love that necklace, and yes, you do look pretty in pink.

  5. I think you look great in pink! It contrasts nicely with your gorgeous red hair. And, that necklace is such a great statement piece!


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