Frugal Friday: Green Smoothies for Less Green

One of the new features of this here blog I am most excited about is called Frugal Friday! I am the worst with money. Well, recently at least. I used to be very good with money. I saved most of what I earned working throughout high school, and for the year I worked full time afterwards. However, when my work life became unstable and I went back to school I got into some major debt. In an effort to remedy this, I have tried different methods to add a little frugality into my life. I hope that by making this a blog feature I will find more creative ways to save!

So here it goes!

One way I have found to save is by making my own green smoothies. I love the ones Whole Foods makes, and often on my way to/from school I will treat myself to one because 'it's so healthy', which is the reason I justify the $8 price tag. They taste wonderful, and are wonderful for you, but they cost a little too much green for a struggling student.

So I started making my own! I always figured this would be an impossible task without a fancy high powered vitamix, which I could never afford as it's about half the price of a semester of tuition!
So I gave into Whole Foods, defeated.

Until I figured out a way to get by...
Previously when I tried to make green smoothies at home, the greens (I favor kale) would get all chunky and not mix properly. I blamed it on a shotty device. (I use a magic bullet for my smoothies.) It took me a while to realize that of course a bullet couldn't do the job of a vitamix, which could blend a bunch of tough ingridients at once. However it is halfway decent at blending smaller quantities of tough ingredients. So I tried that. I threw a handful of kale in at a time, with a little bit of coconut water, and blended until it was smooth.

Works like a charm! If you don't have a bullet, and are using a blender i'd still recommend blending the greens first, as they can be tricky to mix in with the rest.

After the greens are all mixed up, add your frozen fruit.
I like peaches, mango, and banana with kale.

I like using frozen fruit only because you get more fruity goodness that way, and you don't take up space with boring ice that doesn't add anything. 
After adding in your frozen fruit, top it up with coconut water, juice, or water (though I find there's something about the coconut water that really makes it special) and blend!

You now have a delicious and beautifully nutritiously green smoothie! I drink these for breakfast almost  everyday. They are also great as snacks! 

Now, I know to some blending greens into a smoothie may sound a bit odd. I always get weird looks drinking this on the train or in class, but I swear to you that it really is delicious! I love kale, so I don't mind a bit of kale taste, to me it's barely there but I sampled it to some (less adventurous) friends and they said they could taste it. If you are weary of adding greens then start with only a few leaves of greens, and work your way up! 

And if the colour is putting you off, try mixing other fruits to get a more desired hue. For this smoothie I got a dark purpleish colour by using a mixed berry blend (cherries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries , and acai). Be warned though that sometimes you may end up with a brown smoothie. But it'll still taste great! 

By making these babies at home I know I am taking down the cost. I don't know by how much because I can't do math, but i'm sure it's significant. Even with expensive ingredients, like the coconut water, it doesn't add up to much because I try to buy it on sale. Same goes with the frozen fruit. And I freeze my own bananas, which are always super cheap.

Here's the recipe for the smoothie I featured today:

Tropical Kale Smoothie
serves one

3-4 handfuls of kale (start with one at first if you want to acclimatize to taste)
1 medium banana, frozen
small handful of frozen peaches
small handful of frozen mangoes
liquid to cover fruit. (coconut water, juice, or water)

Add the kale and a splash of liquid to your blender. Blend until smooth. Add your frozen fruit and add liquid until it's even with the fruit. Blend until smooth. Add more water/ fruit to adjust for texture. 

And there you go! A great yummy healthy way to satisfy your wallet and your taste buds! 
If you try out a green smoothie let me know how you like it! 


  1. Great idea. I made one today out of kale, frozen pineapple, fresh strawberries and fat free milk. I think I have a new breakfast.

  2. Haha, it really is Stefanie! I love mine. ;)
    Beatrice-that sounds delish! I'll have to try that one out.


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