I sewed a skirt!

I have finally accomplished a goal I have had in mind for years. To sew something myself! I grew up with a mom who is an amazing seamstress. I'm still lucky enough to have her make things for me today. However, living in a different province means I can only get her help when I'm home on breaks from school. As i'm 22 it's high time I became just a tad bit more self reliant. Plus, I want to work on my sewing skills so that one day when I have a daughter, I can sew her things like my mom sewed for me!

So I set about to make a skirt thanks to this lovely tutorial. (It's funny how I even ended up with similar fabric! I found it in the halloween section at the fabric store!)

I did learn to sew properly once, as a teen. Church activities and one year of Home Ec. taught me the basics, along with my mother who as i've mentioned, rocks at this stuff. But as that was some time ago I am  trying to re-teach myself what to do. So even though  I was a bit rusty, I have watched enough seasons of Project Runway in my lifetime to figure out how to make it work. (I just had to post that video because season two was the best of all time.)

In the end it only took 6 hours, talking to myself like a crazy person, laughing maniacally when I figured something out, calling my mom every 20 minuets to ask a simple question, freaking out over my "broken" sewing machine (which as it turns out, I kind of forgot to turn on...) and a little help from James to thread the elastic threw and I MADE A FREAKING SKIRT!!!

I am so proud of myself.
And I can't wait to sew more!!


  1. You are making me want to try this....really bad!

    Good job, it is super cute!!

  2. Congratulations on doing it to it, Erin! The skirt looks great, and I love the fabric you chose! Awesome colour.

  3. Sewing confuses me as well. I guess it's not so bad if it's just re-purposing an item - but doing it from scratch is a production. I applaud you for your efforts. This skirt turned out adorable!

    Your story of making it reminds me of my sister baking. She likes baking and is quite good at it, but last weekend she was trying something new and called my mom every 15 minutes with a string of questions. What a night that was!

    PS. Season 2 is certainly the best season ever. And that was the best video ever.
    The whole cast worked together in just the right way and made it hilarious. It seems in the more recent seasons everyone is so serious and catty and full of drama!

  4. Amazing!! :) Congratulations on sewing your very 1st skirt. Aloha!!


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