{dress: ASOS, belt: H&M. tights: Old Navy}

I lovingly refer to this adorable ASOS Curve dress as an "LB(D)D", meaning "Little Black (Day) Dress". It's always nice to have a go-to garment for when you can't decide what to wear. This one is a great casual option for the classic LBD, a dress for any occasion. One that lends itself nicely to whatever look you are in the mood for.

Today I wanted some pops of colour, so with some bright tights and a bright belt this dress lent it's self nicely to the cause. You can see how i've worn it plain here, and stay tuned for more looks. I have a gaggle of other avenues to take this dress on, in time.

I'm also thrilled that my hair is finally long enough to do the milkmaid braids!

And that my bangs were very cooperative and behaved nicely today. 


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