{shirt: Old Navy, dress: gap}

You know those really annoying kids in elementary school (and jr.high, and high school) that would always answer every question in class and never shut up? Well, that was me today. I couldn't help myself. We were talking about Bridesmaids. Which is kind of my favorite movie ever. I may have seen it four times already. Because my hero Paul Feig directed it. So I just couldn't shut up. Finally, wasting all my time on the internet obsessing over something has payed off scholastically! 

I really, really, really, love Women's Studies. 


  1. hi erin i must say your vintage cateye glasses really suit you and you always look great in them or chosen out fit

  2. you really do have great style and an inspiration for those ladies out there who are made too feel uncomfortable cause of their size which is ignorance in my view


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