Summer of '11

Today in one of my classes, the teacher asked us to go around and say one thing we did this summer. (Yes, I am in college, that's just what you get with a Women's Studies course.) Even though it feels like I didn't actually have a summer, due to both my decision to take a summer semester and the horrid weather we had in Vancouver this year, I did manage to get some good times in. Despite being injured. It's nice to look back and remember those times. 

This summer I loved...

good times in the water.

in the lake.

in the ocean.

in the pool.

and out of the water...
 reading Harry Potter by the pool.

picnics on the beach.
FACT: I am the best picnic packer ever.
pasta salad, carrots, hummus, strawberries, best ever vegan brownies

BBQ tofu, mashed potatoes, local apricots, watermelon, oranges, and grilled corn on the cob.

going to a drive in.
Turns out there is a drive in not too far away from here, it's actually pretty close to the boarder. This year I went and saw X-Men, Bridesmaids, Harry Potter, and Horrible Bosses. 
They even have those adorable vintage refreshment cartoons you see in Grease! 

time with my mother.
My mom came out to visit me for a whole week! She is the best. I love her a lot.

an out of town excursion.
I went to Portland and Seattle with my good friend, who sadly moved to Alberta at the beginning of the year. I really miss her so it was great to spend a weekend traveling with her! 

I even stayed in a hostel for the very first time! And I loved it! 

a free concert.
I got to see one of my very favorite artists (Neko Case) for free! I also saw her preform with The New Pornographers. I also discovered a new artist Hannah Georgas who was in the lineup. Yay for Canadian music! Especially when it's free! And in beautiful Stanley Park.

picking fruit. 
I found an organic peach farm in the beautiful Okanagan. I was there for a ysa conference and made it a a point to stop by. Peaches are my favorite fruit but contain the most pesticides, so you should always try to  eat organic! ;) the actual trip it's self was a nightmare as I had a few of the biggest jerks I have ever encountered (imagine three sexist, egotistical, back seat drivers complaining and criticizing you for over 5 hours straight!) riding in my car with me, but getting to pick peaches was nice! 

pinkberry came to Vancouver!
I am a frozen yogurt fiend. I'm completely addicted. Surprisingly, I have only been twice so far! Both times I have been truly amazed by how wonderful this froyo is. 


  1. Goodness this looks like a total blast :) Love your swimming suit!!

  2. Looks like you had a ton of fun! Would love your recipe for vegan brownies!


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