Today, I met Douglas Coupland.


{Douglas Coupland and I. Brilliant (and Canadian!) author and artist.}

There I was, leaving the library when I pass by two men eating at one of the tables in the atrium. I stop, dead in my tracks because one of them looks a little too familiar. I hesitate, and tell myself not to bother him, just let it be. But I can't. This man has greatly impacted my life and I needed to meet him. So I walked up and awkwardly said "Hi, I think I recognize you...?" to which he kindly replied, "Hm. I don't recognize you, what's your name?" So I told him and told him of how much I adore his books and how much they mean to me, and he was so kind and so gracious. He asked which was my favorite and I told him it was between Eleanor Rigby and The Gum Thief. To which he replied: "I like Gum Thief too". We chatted, he asked about me, I told him the impact of The Gum Thief is what made me finally move to Vancouver. Of course, I asked for a photo. My first attempt at a self shot was horrible as I was shaking, so he asked the man he was with "Would you take a picture of Erin and me?" (Having my hero say my name was an incredible feeling.) So we ended up with a decent photo thanks to him! For some reason at the time I thought since I didn't have a book of his on me, I couldn't ask for an autograph. Now I realize I'M AN IDIOT and why didn't I ask for him to sign a piece of paper? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! Oh well. As he said, "It's a small town, I'm sure we'll meet again."
To which I made things even more awkward and said "I'm just so glad I finally met you, since I moved here i've always hoped i'd run into you! Not that i'm a stalker or anything! Okay, I should go. Sorry to bother you! Thank you! Bye!"
I'm soo smooth.

I'm just so so overjoyed that I actually met my favorite author. His books have had such a huge impact on my life. I connect to all his books but I hold Eleanor Rigby especially dear to my heart. (As I mention here.) It was after reading The Gum Thief that I finally had the gumption to move to Vancouver. Douglas Coupland was raised in Vancouver, and most of his books are set here. In living here i've become even more connected to his stories. For three years, i've always wondered if i'd ever bump into him. If some cosmic force was out there to unite us. And it finally, finally happened! After it happened I went outside and called my house, to tell somebody what happened. My sister answered and I excitedly told her the news while crying tears of joy. This is really one of the best days of my life.

So do yourself a favor and go read one of his books! I highly, highly, recommend Eleanor Rigby (obviously), The Gum Theif, Girlfriend In a Coma, Hey! NostradamusMicroserfs and JPod are among some of my favorites. 


  1. How exciting! I am sure authors actually enjoy being recognized, since they aren't really known for their looks but rather for their words, so I am sure he got a kick out of it just as much as you did. Congrats on checking off one more thing on your bucket list!!!


  2. Long time reader/lurker, first time commenter. I love Douglas Coupland (personal fave is "Girlfriend in a Coma" but I haven't read the Gum Thief") and I think it's so neat that he's Canadian. I love when I hear celebrities are actually NICE in person. :) Such a cool story, and I'm glad you got to meet him!


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