I Love Lucy

It's time for Halloween!
Since i'm not actually doing anything on Halloween, seeing as I have a midterm at 7pm that day, celebrated last night at the church Halloween dance. I loathe dances but i'll take any excuse to dress up.
I love dressing up for Halloween. I love living in a world of fantasy for a day and emobyding a beloved character, as I tend to always base my costumes off of movie characters. However, this year I branched out and based it off a tv character!  

I'm Lucy! 

I've got the red hair and vintage sensibility, so I figured i'd put them to good use for an amazing costume! I really must say, I am quite proud of myself. I must sound totally conceded but I am so stoked at how close my costume is.  

I based it off of this photo:

And I think I did pretty good!
For the costume I...
  • Thrifted a dress- it was a wrap dress, so I picked apart the top and sewed it together again, then added the white trim to the sleeves. 
  • I cut the sleeves off an old collared white shirt (in fact the very same one I wore last year!), and slipped it under the dress. 
  • I made a crinoline out of tulle to give the dress some volume. 
  • & I also made the apron. 

I used the rag curl method to get her signature curls, and followed this tutorial for the makeup. 
The shoes, necklace and earrings were all things I just had in my wardrobe! 

Sadly, only three people knew what my costume was. I got one guess that I was Julia Child (which I can see), one guess that I was 'a housewife' (Lucy wasn't just any housewife!) and another that I was Mary Poppins! No idea where that came from. One guy told me "You know you're supposed to dress up, right?" which I took as a compliment, as I often dress in vintage 'housewife' dresses. Another guy told me that even though he didn't know who I was supposed to be, he could tell I put a lot of work into it. Which I also take as a compliment, because dang it, I did! I've put my thrift store sewing machine through  the ringer lately. 

Time to give it a rest and get back to studying! I can't believe I have two midterms next week!
Happy Halloween!

I'll leave you with some of my favorite Lucy clips. I had never actually seen any of the show until recently, I just knew about her from hearing of her legacy referenced on tv all the time, (something apparently none of my peers ever got since no one knew who I was!).
I just knew I wanted to be her thanks to her look, her legacy, and the fact that she was such a success and paved the way for women in entertainment, from staring in the show to being the first woman to run a major television studio. I love Lucy!


I still wear clothes.

I just haven't been too good at documenting the fact. Partially because most days are too crazy to get photos and blogging in. Midterm season is upon me, and I am suffering. It'll all be over November 2nd! (My last midterm.) And then before I know it, it'll be finals.... ah the life of a student. I've also been hard at work on my halloween costume, which I can't wait to debut!

And since I'm in my deathly hallows t-shirt and leggings today (until I have to 'actually' get dressed for a meeting at school later...) here is an outfit from last week sometime....I honestly don't remember what day. Haha.

^Those are actually loafers and knee socks, not boots!

So here's a better photo of my lovely loafers. Which are so comfy and cute.



 I wore this outfit yesterday. I felt very cute.
With my new cowboy boots.
Which I am so very pleased to have found at Value Village, for only $20.

In other news...

It was a bit of a letdown. The people I went with were not having it. Which kind of puts a damper on things.

I am really enjoying the season.
Fall is a really, really, beautiful time.
It's on par with cherry blossom season for me.

Tonight as I got in my car I heard a song on the radio. After hearing "I am not a robot." I decided I needed to know what this song was and how to listen to it again and again.
While in the past i'd have to look up the station online, figure out what show was playing at what time, then subtract 10 minutes from the time my car said the song I liked was playing at, as I set it fast in an effort to be on time more.
But tonight I just opened up a lil' app called SoundHound on my shiny new phone and in seconds I had the name and artist at my fingertips.

This song, along with technology has helped turn a rough day around.
Now I'm off to bed in an effort for tomorrow to be better.

Also, the pumpkin pie blizzard from DQ is quite tasty. Much better than pumpkin pie, but still not as good as a pumpkin spice from starbucks.


Today is the first day of the rest of my life.


Last night my crappy old phone, a palm pre, committed suicide. Good. Riddance. I hated that thing. Three weeks after I bought it the iPhone was released on my provider. I have been kicking myself for two years for missing out on it.
When the palm suddenly decided to die on me, I went to the nearest Bell store, which just so happened to have iPhones on sale for only $49!!! Only thing is the sale was today, so I had to wait and go with out a phone for a night. It was a harrowing experience. How did we survive before smart phones?!? I've only had one for two years now but I cannot imagine my life without it. Yes, that last statement scares me. 

  But oh wow is this baby is magical!!!!

I've basically had this goofy smile plastered on my face all day. 

I'm already completely and hopelessly OBSESSED with taking photos. 
Especially with instigram. 
Here's a few favorites from my day:

Delicous vegan burger at loving hut food cart
flowers on the walk home

more plants

cowboy boots I thrifted last night!!

a sidewalk downtown

pretty fall leaves, a rare blue sky
and (in my humble opinion...) the best for last...

I cannot believe I took this picture with a phone.

My favorite app so far is definitely instigram. I'm in love. 
What are your favorite apps? 

I'm also looking for a cute (and protective) cover so if you have any suggestions, let me know! 



I am so in love with this skirt! I have been dreaming of a mustard yellow/chartreuse skirt for years, but I've never found one, or the fabric to make one. That is until my mom and I went thrifting! this was actually a dress but the top was ugly, so we cut in half, added an elastic, and presto! A skirt! For only $7! This was my outfit for Sunday Thanksgiving dinner. Then, for the second dinner (have to have a dinner with both sides of the family!) I decided to wear the acorn dress, since I thought the acorns were perfectly fitting for a fall feast. 

This year was the first time i've gone back (to Edmonton) for Thanksgiving since I moved, three years ago. I usually decline the offer to return home for a holiday based around turkey and colonization, but this year I ended up with a 5 day weekend for Thanksgiving so I looked at it more as a simple visit home, with two family dinners to attend. 
I made my presence known by preparing a Tofurkey, and informing the table that 45 million turkeys that get slaughtered every year for Thanksgiving alone. 
I'm basically this little girl. 

Good news is I got three of my family members to try some Tofurkey! (Albeit, only a bite each...) Much better than the usual number, zero! 

So in the 'spirit' of thanksgiving, I will say I'm thankful for my wonderful family, and for getting to spend time with them. It was a nice little vacation. 


Today was a really good outfit day.
(Just not a good picture taking day.)
So of course, I turn to you, dear internets, for validation.
And for procrastination. 
As I have a paper, due in less than 24 hours. 
And a midterm, in less than 48 hours.

On another topic, I look good today. Which presents a certain image. I look like the kind of person that has it together, right? 
WRONG. I am just a trickster. My life is a mess. So much so that today I was faced with a dilemma. I had procrastinated doing laundry a bit too long... which meant one thing....
So in the words of my hero, Liz Lemon, I relate the following...

"If you’re running low on laundry, a bathing suit makes perfectly acceptable underwear."

I wholly endorse this.

I also would advise to put potato chips on a sandwich.
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