I Love Lucy

It's time for Halloween!
Since i'm not actually doing anything on Halloween, seeing as I have a midterm at 7pm that day, celebrated last night at the church Halloween dance. I loathe dances but i'll take any excuse to dress up.
I love dressing up for Halloween. I love living in a world of fantasy for a day and emobyding a beloved character, as I tend to always base my costumes off of movie characters. However, this year I branched out and based it off a tv character!  

I'm Lucy! 

I've got the red hair and vintage sensibility, so I figured i'd put them to good use for an amazing costume! I really must say, I am quite proud of myself. I must sound totally conceded but I am so stoked at how close my costume is.  

I based it off of this photo:

And I think I did pretty good!
For the costume I...
  • Thrifted a dress- it was a wrap dress, so I picked apart the top and sewed it together again, then added the white trim to the sleeves. 
  • I cut the sleeves off an old collared white shirt (in fact the very same one I wore last year!), and slipped it under the dress. 
  • I made a crinoline out of tulle to give the dress some volume. 
  • & I also made the apron. 

I used the rag curl method to get her signature curls, and followed this tutorial for the makeup. 
The shoes, necklace and earrings were all things I just had in my wardrobe! 

Sadly, only three people knew what my costume was. I got one guess that I was Julia Child (which I can see), one guess that I was 'a housewife' (Lucy wasn't just any housewife!) and another that I was Mary Poppins! No idea where that came from. One guy told me "You know you're supposed to dress up, right?" which I took as a compliment, as I often dress in vintage 'housewife' dresses. Another guy told me that even though he didn't know who I was supposed to be, he could tell I put a lot of work into it. Which I also take as a compliment, because dang it, I did! I've put my thrift store sewing machine through  the ringer lately. 

Time to give it a rest and get back to studying! I can't believe I have two midterms next week!
Happy Halloween!

I'll leave you with some of my favorite Lucy clips. I had never actually seen any of the show until recently, I just knew about her from hearing of her legacy referenced on tv all the time, (something apparently none of my peers ever got since no one knew who I was!).
I just knew I wanted to be her thanks to her look, her legacy, and the fact that she was such a success and paved the way for women in entertainment, from staring in the show to being the first woman to run a major television studio. I love Lucy!


  1. You make a perfect Lucy! Your costume is wonderful, and the hair/make-up/you look absolutely gorgeous!

  2. How in the world did so many people not get this costume?! I saw it right away. I think your efforts paid off and you made a fabulous Lucy costume - regardless of what others think.

  3. Well I got it right away!! I guess our generation was never truly in touch with the fabulosness that was Lucille Ball. Which is sad, since she's an icon. I love your costume!! You look just like her with that makeup and hair.

  4. Love this costume! Such a great, classic idea using things I already own!


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