I still wear clothes.

I just haven't been too good at documenting the fact. Partially because most days are too crazy to get photos and blogging in. Midterm season is upon me, and I am suffering. It'll all be over November 2nd! (My last midterm.) And then before I know it, it'll be finals.... ah the life of a student. I've also been hard at work on my halloween costume, which I can't wait to debut!

And since I'm in my deathly hallows t-shirt and leggings today (until I have to 'actually' get dressed for a meeting at school later...) here is an outfit from last week sometime....I honestly don't remember what day. Haha.

^Those are actually loafers and knee socks, not boots!

So here's a better photo of my lovely loafers. Which are so comfy and cute.


  1. This is so adorable.
    I get what you mean about midterm season. I feel you.

  2. Love your style, sooo cute!!



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