I am so in love with this skirt! I have been dreaming of a mustard yellow/chartreuse skirt for years, but I've never found one, or the fabric to make one. That is until my mom and I went thrifting! this was actually a dress but the top was ugly, so we cut in half, added an elastic, and presto! A skirt! For only $7! This was my outfit for Sunday Thanksgiving dinner. Then, for the second dinner (have to have a dinner with both sides of the family!) I decided to wear the acorn dress, since I thought the acorns were perfectly fitting for a fall feast. 

This year was the first time i've gone back (to Edmonton) for Thanksgiving since I moved, three years ago. I usually decline the offer to return home for a holiday based around turkey and colonization, but this year I ended up with a 5 day weekend for Thanksgiving so I looked at it more as a simple visit home, with two family dinners to attend. 
I made my presence known by preparing a Tofurkey, and informing the table that 45 million turkeys that get slaughtered every year for Thanksgiving alone. 
I'm basically this little girl. 

Good news is I got three of my family members to try some Tofurkey! (Albeit, only a bite each...) Much better than the usual number, zero! 

So in the 'spirit' of thanksgiving, I will say I'm thankful for my wonderful family, and for getting to spend time with them. It was a nice little vacation. 


  1. Love this look!


  2. I'm vegetarian too (for the most part. I still eat fish) and sometimes my birthday lands on thanksgiving. I used to love it when I was a kid, but now it just annoys me when it happens. It's a holiday that consists of 2 of my least favorite things: meat and football. Happy to say that my birthday lands on sunday this year :)

    And oh yes: I love your style.


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