Today is the first day of the rest of my life.


Last night my crappy old phone, a palm pre, committed suicide. Good. Riddance. I hated that thing. Three weeks after I bought it the iPhone was released on my provider. I have been kicking myself for two years for missing out on it.
When the palm suddenly decided to die on me, I went to the nearest Bell store, which just so happened to have iPhones on sale for only $49!!! Only thing is the sale was today, so I had to wait and go with out a phone for a night. It was a harrowing experience. How did we survive before smart phones?!? I've only had one for two years now but I cannot imagine my life without it. Yes, that last statement scares me. 

  But oh wow is this baby is magical!!!!

I've basically had this goofy smile plastered on my face all day. 

I'm already completely and hopelessly OBSESSED with taking photos. 
Especially with instigram. 
Here's a few favorites from my day:

Delicous vegan burger at loving hut food cart
flowers on the walk home

more plants

cowboy boots I thrifted last night!!

a sidewalk downtown

pretty fall leaves, a rare blue sky
and (in my humble opinion...) the best for last...

I cannot believe I took this picture with a phone.

My favorite app so far is definitely instigram. I'm in love. 
What are your favorite apps? 

I'm also looking for a cute (and protective) cover so if you have any suggestions, let me know! 


  1. You'll love the iphone and it's king of scary how reliant you become to it. Great pictures and super jealous of those cowboy boots! If you like taking pictures you'll like hipstamatic and 8mm records in vintage film.

    Enjoy your new phone!!


  2. The iPhone is amazing!!! I see you have instagram!!

  3. iPhones are too much fun! Looks like you're already having a blast with the apps. :)


  4. I cant wait to get one! Im jealous

  5. iPhones are awesome! I'm in love with mine.

    As for apps... Camera + is my favorite photo editing app. perfect photo has some cool features too. The others that I use daily are Facebook, Twitter, Words with Friends, and my bank's app.

    Have fun!


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