A blog post in which I make a fool of myself...

So I rocked this skirt today. It's one of my favorites. I just got it at Thanksgiving when my mom and I found it on sale. I just love a cute thing on sale. Lucky for me, so does my mom.
Other than being insanely cute, part of why I love wearing this skirt is how it moves.
But that's hard to show in a picture.

So I proceeded to make a video...
...because I have no shame apparently.

Okay so I know you still can't tell how cute it is in the video but let's just pretend we can and laugh with me, okay?

Basically when I wear this skirt I feel like i'm in Finding Nemo.


  1. You're a brave girl posting a video of yourself dancing on the internet! haha
    I think I understand though. The skirt looks like it has awesome movement!
    I'd also have to say I like color combination of this outfit! So chic and classic.

  2. You are too cute!!! I can totally see why you love this skirt! I completely know what you mean....nothing like having beautifully layered & tiered fabric floating at your hips; it's such a lady like feeling sometimes.


  3. OMG, you are so cute and the skirt is ADORABLE!!!

  4. Hahaha! :D You are so cute! I love your skirt movement shake. Watch, it'll become an internet sensation!

  5. I love clothing with a lot of movement! Makes you want to twirl and shimmy!


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