Christmas Time Is Here...

With Christmas readily approaching, I thought i'd share some of my favourite Christmas songs that get me feelin' festive this time of year.
To be totally honnest I kind of hate a lot of Christmas songs. The one I hate most, being Santa Baby. Who's perverted idea was it to make Santa into a sex fetish? It's creepy and beyond disturbing.
So here's what I listen to, as a pop culture junkie that doesn't really care for most carols...

I grew up on Charlie Brown. Every morning growing up I read my select favourite comic strips from the daily paper, and Charlie Brown was always first. I inherited several Charlie Brown books from the 60's, courtesy of my comic-geek of a father.  I love Charlie. His dejected viewpoint is one I empathized with early on. Charlie & co. really epitomize the reality of sadness of life, while somehow remaining light and hopeful. Which is what Christmas always is, at least for me and my family. Sad, while at the same time, light, and a bit hopeful.
I also have a soft spot for Charlie since his Christmas special is one of the very few that actually mentions what Christmas is really all about.
So "Christmas Time is Here" is one of my go-to favorites go get me feeling nostalgic for Christmas.
While I've featured the instrumental version here, the singing version sure is nothing to frown at.
It also serves as not just an idyllic Christmas song, but serves rather well in both film and television. ( I guess it makes sense then, that The Royal Tenenbaums is my favourite movie and Arrested Development is my favourite tv show.)
*Note that this A Fine Frenzy cover is also very, very, lovely.

This is by far, my favourite version of this holiday classic. Connor Oberst's quivering vocals are just so touching and sincere. The melodic piano is the perfect accompaniment. I love myself a good ballad, especially during the holidays. All my friends and family I show this song to say it's "creepy" or "depressing" but I love it.
*Note that She & Him's version also deserves a shout out. 

Another melancholic holiday favorite is River. It's a recent favourite, only added in the last year or so- but it's quickly become a favorite. Nothing beats Joni on this one. I love the hint of Jingle Bells at the beginning and the sad hopefulness Joni exudes. 

This just may be one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I love the piano melody paired with Sufjan's beautiful, beautiful, voice.

Despite my seemingly morose musical taste (that i'm not denying I have), I do like some pep here and there.
Such as this lil' number from El Perro del Mar: Oh! What a Christmas.

Speaking of pep, this is one of my favourites from Sufjan. It just perfectly encapsulates the Christmas chaos of the gathered family experience. Yes, I know this makes two Sufjan songs on this list. What can I say. That Christmas album is just plain genius.

The Killers have put out a few Christmas singles, but this one will always be my favorite. It's just so strange and silly. Two of my favourite things in life. And this video is just plain fantastic.

Speaking of silliness, nothing makes me smile like this 80's classic. Perhaps because my sister and I sing it to one another with really silly sing-songy voices, accompanied with dance moves that are just as silly. Plus, I just can't take this George Michael seriously at all.

Speaking of silly Christmas songs, I just love this farce from Love Actually. It's one of my favourite Christmas movies and I thought this bit was hilarious.

And last, but very much not least, I can't forget to mention my ultimate all time favourite Christmas movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. I just can't get into the season without seeing Jack discover Christmas for the first time.

And I can't forget about the SNL classic, I Wish It Was Christmas Today. Last night's reincarnation on SNL was the epitome of Christmas happiness. However, I can't watch the new one again and again like I want to, because I live in Canada and we can't watch anything on the internet in Canada!!! So if you are lucky and in the states, enjoy.

This one is a new favorite. While it's not exactly celebratory of Christmas, it's hilarious and I freaking love Community. (Though I wasn't a fan of Annie's "christmas" number. After all, ironic sexism is still sexism.)
Excuse me while I go cry at this great shows very unfortunate current predicament.

What gets you in the Christmas spirit?
If you celebrate it, that is.
If Christmas isn't your thing, what to you celebrate?


Back home.

I'm back in Edmonton! It's so nice to finally be on Christmas break. I forgot my camera cord though, so iPhone to the rescue!
This outfit was born out of the fact that I packed all dirty laundry to come home. Why pay to clean clothes when you can go home and wash them for free?! Luckily I had this shirt stashed here from who knows when. Then i got the skirt from my mom, and The necklace is stolen from the lil'sis. it was a better outfit alternative to wearing my dad's pajamas all day, as I didn't bother bringing those either, since we always get a pair for Christmas. I may seem like a disorganized mess from the outside, but really it's all intentional!
Some of the time...

How hilarious is it that I totally repeated the last outfit I posted?!? I didn't even realize it until I reviewed this post on the blog. 
I'm just a really big fan of navy stripes, a pencil skirt, and yellow tights! 


Proof that I still put on outfits.

{DIY shirt, Addition Elle Pencil Skirt, We Love Colors tights, Expression shoes}

Gah. Finals. I've pretty much been rolling out of bed past noon, then heading to the library to study until around 10, sometimes midnight, then go home attempt sleep, then wake up and do it all over again. 
I haven't really had the time to take decent photos, or post them when I do, (so expect a roundup post soon!) but I did get a photo in today! What an accomplishment! Haha. 

I don't mean to brag here, but this is maybe one of my favourite tops i've ever owned, and I re-fashioned it. I got it at a thrift store a while back. It had a 3/4 sleeve, so I hemmed those a bit. Then I got rid of the old buttons (little navy ones that did nothing for the sweater) added some new ones, and added some lace. I got the idea from this old anthropologie sweater. I just love the way the lace works with the stripes.
But what I love even more is that instead of costing $60, this only cost $10!  (For all of it, sweater, lace, buttons, and thread.) Boo-yah! 

Here's another snapshot for a better idea of the detail. I've worn this several times since I've completed it, mostly with black skinny jeans, but i've never gotten around to posting about it. My bad! 


Blogger Party at Spank

Wednesday night I had the opportunity to attend a lil' blogger party at Spank, a local clothing boutique. I've been there a few times before, albeit when I was a size 12. It didn't look like there was much to be had for my current size, but I loved looking at all the lovely pieces they had. I even got to meet Sylvia Lee, the designer of their in house brand, Lost and Found. (Which is really so lovely. Some great pieces that I very much want...) 
And the jewellery! If my bank account wasn't currently empty i'd have gone home with a necklace.

{me, (obvs), with my friend James, Alex and Paisley of Kenton Magazine, and Sara.}

I thought it'd be a good opportunity to get more involved in the local blogging community. Get myself out there, and hope to not be such a socially awkward disaster (which to be honest, I totally was! haha.)  I've never really found any Vancouver-based blogs that really spoke to my asthetic, until recently, when I had a women's study class with Zoe, who talked about her blog, Lion Heart Vintage, and then turned me on to Lydia's blog, Style is Style. (Love those two!)
Then I got to attend this event and meet some more lovely bloggers! I just love Alicia's blog, Alicia Fashionista and Felix's at Yuki and Bee.

Thanks so much to Spank and especially to Talya for inviting me! I had a great time, despite my social awkwardness. (There's a reason I'm always on the internet...haha!)
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