Back home.

I'm back in Edmonton! It's so nice to finally be on Christmas break. I forgot my camera cord though, so iPhone to the rescue!
This outfit was born out of the fact that I packed all dirty laundry to come home. Why pay to clean clothes when you can go home and wash them for free?! Luckily I had this shirt stashed here from who knows when. Then i got the skirt from my mom, and The necklace is stolen from the lil'sis. it was a better outfit alternative to wearing my dad's pajamas all day, as I didn't bother bringing those either, since we always get a pair for Christmas. I may seem like a disorganized mess from the outside, but really it's all intentional!
Some of the time...

How hilarious is it that I totally repeated the last outfit I posted?!? I didn't even realize it until I reviewed this post on the blog. 
I'm just a really big fan of navy stripes, a pencil skirt, and yellow tights! 


  1. Repeating an outfit? Ha, I guess you inspired yourself without knowing it! Oh well, either look is very chic.
    I tend to go over to my sisters apartment a lot (in the same town) and often forget some article of clothing. I finally fixed the problem by leaving some of my less loved items over there. So far so good!

  2. I love iphone photoes! and I love striped and pencil skirts too. They're classics!




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