Utah bound!

Hey mormon readers! Anyone else going to Salt Lake City for General Conference? I'll be there, so if you spot me in the sea of mormons be sure to say hi! 
It's my first time attending conference, I'm so excited!

And i'll have a few outfits to post once I get back of course. :)

Any of you lovely readers attending? 


dream of the 90's

Today was a typical Pacific North West day. It rained. A lot. 
And today I dressed like a typical PNW girl. Which I am, even though I was born in Alberta. (Though I'm really a B.C. girl in heart. ;) )

I think we all know what floral dresses mean to me by now. 

{dress: thrifted, boots: old navy, sweater: aritzia} 

It seriously felt like I was on to something the universe had set up today. As I got in my car the local radio (which usually plays the same top 40 rock over and over) played Garbage, R.E.M., and Beck. On my way to my friends house. Everything was very fitting. Except that a real PNW'er would've been on a bike. Which i'm a coward to do in the rain. There's kind of the whole not being able to see thing when my glasses get wet to worry about.

When I got to my friends today the first thing they both said to me was "You so look like you belong in Portland! Or the 90's!"

We then proceeded to watch this video and laugh.

If you haven't seen Portlandia yet, watch it. It is amazing. Your welcome.

I have a serious love for Portland. If I ever lived anywhere in North America other than Vancouver, it would be Portland. Vancouver is a lot like Portland. Only in Canada. Which is why I love it.


the chambray

{chambray top: F21, skirt: Old Navy, boots: Joneve}

I've been dreaming of owning a chambray top for some time now. So I finally caved and bought one
Then all the ideas I had of wearing said shirt were gone.
I just hate when that happens. 

I think I did okay though. 


a "haul" of sorts

So if you've read this blog for a while you may have noticed i've never done a "haul" post before. Some reasons are because a) I try not to shop enough to warrant a haul (which I am pretty good at, but also fail miserably at sometimes) and b) because I am way too lazy to take pictures of my stuff after i've been out shopping.
Enter online shopping! I usually have a personal policy of only ordering online if it's something I can only find online. If I can look at it and try it on myself in a store, i'll trek out to the mall. In the past I have mostly ordered from Torrid since they've got a good selection of stylish plus sized items (though I haven't in a long time, as it is so friggen' expensive!!) and recently, Modcloth with great success. 

So last friday when I found out F21 was donating all their online sales to relief efforts in Japan, I did a little browsing. Okay, maybe I online browse all the time and saw this as an oppurtunity to get a little shopping in and do some good. Win, win! So I purchased a few basic items, two of which i've been longing for for quite some time.  

(The colour of the dress is nothing like the photo! It's more pink IRL)

The striped cardigan and cambray top are still available. The dress, sadly, is not.

These hair clips (at only $1.50) were added to get free shipping (score!) And they are adorable. I'm planning on using them as shoe clips! 

I'm super happy with all my purchases. The cardigan and chambray have been items i've wanted for some time now, and the dress was on sale for only $7.50!! It's so comfortable and a lovely length and it's got sleeves and is basically the perfect dress. If they were still selling it i'd be tempted to buy a few more and dye them different colours! 
I was a bit worried at first about fit since i've never owned anything from F21+ before. I always hated accompaning friends into F21 while shopping because their miniscule sizing made me feel terrible. When I found out about F21+ I checked a few stores to see if they carried the line. Of the three cities I checked (Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary) none of them sold the plus line in store. So since i've never been able to physically look at their sizing, I ordered the garments based on the size chart, hoping they would fit. Lucky for me they all fit perfectly! Everything I ordered is a 2X.
I'm also pleased with how quickly everything got here! I got a call today for pick up at the local Purator office today, so that means they must've tried to deliver it yesterday. That's pretty gosh darn impressive considering I got notice they were shipped on the 22nd! 

And yes, I know calling this post a "haul" is a bit of a stretch. This is what happens when you are student and are trying desperately to change your habits and shop sensibly. ;) 


This is kind of an awkwardly framed picture. When cropping I couldn't get the vacuum or an edge of the tree out, so I figured I would just embrace my little plastic Charlie Brown Christmas tree that is still hanging out in my apartment. And note that it is no longer a "Christmas Tree" but a non-denominational evergreen tree. At least that's what I call it whenever someone points out "Erin, It's almost April. It's time to take down your Christmas tree."

So my awkward photo is rather is fitting, because today was an awkward day for getting dressed. You know when you throw on 6 different outfits before you finally give up and just walk out of the house with what your wearing? Well that was what I did today. Luckily I ended up liking the final product and I didn't walk out of my house half naked or anything. 
Which is always a plus. 


it's fate

Remember when I found the bicycle dress? No? Well, let me explain then. Almost a year ago, I found an adorable dress at Anthropologie.com that stole my heart. It was a perfect cut and style, one of my favorite colours, and the very best part, the print of the fabric was little bicycles. (And I am a bicycle enthusiast.) 
I just about died. It was everything I could ever want in a dress.
I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, wanted this dress.
But I decided to be sensible (worth a shot, right?) and I didn't buy the gorgeous dress that had stolen my heart since it was close to $200 U.S. and I'm a broke student. 

This was last June.

And I have thought about that bicycle dress almost everyday since then.
I'm not kidding. I really think about it that much. (I think about clothes a lot.)
And I would get sad every time I'd think about it. Sometimes I would do a google search for the Anthropologie bicycle dress, hoping to find a size 14 on ebay...

Well, on my last google, I came across a blog, which brought to my attention an identical dress (only a different print) that was for sale at Modcloth. And when I say sale, I mean SALE. I got this baby for  $37.99!!!
It was the same colour. The same style. The same designer even! It was near identical to the bicycle dress. IT WAS FATE!! I instantly felt near the same amount love for this dress as I had the bicycle dress. It wasn't quite as strong and as true of a love I felt for the bicycle dress, but It was still love, and I knew It was meant to be. I just had to have this dress. 
I didn't want to repeat history, so I snatched it up. With the conversion rate and shipping it ended up being around $60, which is still a steal!

So this may not be the bicycle dress, but it's close enough.
Acorns are kinda cute too. 

I reckon it's a bit like having a first love. It'll always have a special place in your heart, but things just didn't work out at the time, so you had to move on. And then you find someone else, that you love too, and that person is available, and you can be together. And you're happy. So it's still great. Just different.
 At least, I think it's like that... I wouldn't know because I've never been in love with another person.
Just dresses. 
It's so much easier to love inanimate objects (in this case, dresses) instead of people. 
Probably not very healthy though....


I wore this outfit to a party last night. 
I wish I had worn this outfit today.
Instead I wore jeggings today. With a cute top, and some snazzy shoes. I was just going to a church activity, and was running late, so I didn't put much thought into it.
Then I went to a wedding reception, having thought I would have time to come home and change before the reception. But I didn't. So I showed up looking mangy and very underdressed. Which is a new thing for me as I am always "overdressed". 

Even though the above outfit still isn't what i'd qualify as a reception outfit. But it's better than wearing (sort of) pants, right?

Ready for more awkwardness?
I cut my bangs, and went shorter than I usually do. I kind of like them short.

But I'm kind of afraid I look like Spock now.
Which is really an insult to Spock, since his bangs are impeccably straight, while mine are very crooked.

Live long and prosper.


So, I wore this yesterday.

{shirt: H&M, skirt: Target, belt: Thrifted}

 (AH! Roots!)

And I got some low lights put in on Saturday. I kind of love them/kind of think I look like a redheaded tiger. 
It's not something i'd ever get for myself, but it was part of a spa deal I bought a while back, so I went for it. I do like it a lot more than I thought I would. 

Sorry this post isn't more exciting. I'm not feeling inspired. Maybe because I'm procrastinating and feeling guilty about it. 
Yeah, that's probably it. 


oh, bother

I'm not sure why, but there's something about this outfit that just wasn't working.
On the one hand, I love it. But not as much as I normally love my outfits.
Maybe it's because even though I spent 20 minuets ironing this blasted skirt, it's still wrinkled! Which made me remember why I've only worn this skirt once before in the 5 (maybe 6) years i've owned it.
It's been quite a bother all day long.
And yes, that is a hole in my tights. That has been rather annoying as well....
But to end this on a positive note, I still had a good Sunday. Wrinkled skirt and all. 


{shirt & boots: Old Navy, dress: Joe, belt: thrifted}

Today I had a presentation to do in class, and as i've mentioned before, dressing cute = confidence to me. So I made sure I looked and felt cute before class. It's a simple method, and it works. I even think I did pretty okay in the presentation! (Let's hope.)

Yes, I know my floor is dirty and gross. My vacuum doesn't suck!

I also broke out some new items (I may've been bad and gone shopping on the weekend...) which always helps with the confidence. I think it's the back to school nostalgia of a new outfit on your first day. New year, new clothes, new start...
So even though I kind of can't afford to have gone shopping, I justified my purchases by seriously needing a new pair of boots since I pretty much just rotate between the two I currently have. I'm happy to report these boots felt like slippers they were so comfortable and worth the $30. Thanks Old Navy! 


I was born in the wrong decade

(I know my skirt is wrinkled, I actually did iron it but apparently just not good enough....?)

{shirt: Joe, skirt: cotton ginny, shoes: payless, flower: ardene}

I realize that I kind of just wear this same outfit over and over and over and over and over and over again in different variations. But every time, I love it! I can't help it if I know what I like. And I know that I like polka dots and a high waisted skirt. 
So I really liked this outfit today, as I was super excited to wear this new polka dot shirt I bought.

If you are thining "Really Erin, more polka dots?" I'd like to defend myself by saying these sleeves are to die for. 

I unfortunately couldn't get a very good picture (It's very awkward to take a photo of your own shoulder, hence, photobooth stepped in.) but these sleeves are totally cute. Which justifies my purchase. 

Another thing I love besides polka dots would be things in my hair. Namely flowers. And lipstick. I'm totally hooked now. 

i'm cool like that

{skirt: Gap, shirt: The Bay, cardi: Old Navy}

Remember when I said I worked in film? I worked as a P.A. (Production Assistant) on a few movies, New Moon and Eclipse mostly, then a few days here and there on Percy Jackson, Hot Tub Time Machine, and some tv shows. I had some good experiences but it just wasn't the life for me, so now i'm back in school. A friend of mine I met on Eclipse is still working though, and he invited me out to the wrap party for a movie he was working on. I went because it's not a bad way to spend a Saturday night. 

We hung out and danced and took advantage of the photo booth they had brought in! (I'll be scanning those soon!)

Highlights of the night:

-The bartender being totally cool when I requested something non-alcoholic. He recommended the straight juice he was using for another drink and I felt like a 4 year old drinking juice at a hollywood party. A really cool 4 year old. But as we all know juice is how the real party starts.
-Speaking of refreshment, I asked one of the servers what was vegetarian, and seeing as there wasn't much, he made sure somebody brought me a place of all their vegetarian options. Awesome! 
-Dancing like crazy. The good thing is that everyone is drunk, and assumes everyone else is too so you can dance as crazy as you want! I may've whipped out the hairography (see video at :50 for visual aid) and may've gotten so crazy that my glasses went flying off my face, or that might've been when my friend and I were spinning (not sure of the right term), either way it ended up okay because some nice stranger picked them up for me before someone stepped on them! 
-Meeting Jenny Slate!!! (GENIUS creator of Marcel the Shell.) of I saw her in the bathroom early in the night, but felt too shy and awkward like I always am to say anything, and I kept seeing her around and wanted to say hi, but my crippling shyness always trumps with me. Finally at the end of the night I mustered up the gumption to say "Hi" and she was the nicest, sweetest girl! She was genuinely appreciative of how much I told her I loved Marcel, she gave me a hug and remembered me from the bathroom!! Haahaaa. It wasn't even awkward because she was so sweet. 
-The photo booth!!! We may've gone like 5 times....so much fun!
-The free taxi ride home!! I loooove taking taxis, it makes me feel so important, but I am poor and rarely can afford them (but I do sometimes treat myself as i'm only $10 away from downtown.) But they gave everybody free vouchers at the party. Pretty sweeeet. 

It was a pretty good night! Sometimes, (okay most of the time) I really love my life here.


Three things I love to wear the most: stripes, cardigans, and skirts. So I kinda liked this outfit today. 
...and I have nothing more to say! I blame the sociology midterm I wrote today.



Sometimes I feel like my life is one big long awkward moment. I'm generally a bit of an awkward person, but today I was especially so. And for you lucky readers of this blog, i've narrowed it down to the top three:

    • Today I got my first ever facial. (It was part of a spa deal I bought months ago, basically I just got it for the haircut that came with the deal. ) But it's expiring soon so I finally booked my facial for today. Let me preface by saying I do not understand the appeal of spas. I just  can't grasp the whole idea of paying a stranger to touch you. In my 21 years of life I have only had my first manicure early January of this year, and yes, It was awkward having somebody work on me. But that was nothing compared to the facial I got today. Because apparently, you take your top off to get a facial. (I guess because the facial came with a face/neck massage...?) And that's a little awkward. Also, getting your face massauged is awkward. It's bascially having some one squish your face for half an hour while you listen to weird bird calls and rain in a dark room. 
    • Learning that my sister is "in a relationship" via facebook. This is why I hate facebook. People need to talk to people in real life more! Even though my family is all still in Alberta I try to talk to them as often as we can manage. My sister has trouble with this.
    • The fact that I wore this exact outfit last night, then again today. I justify this because last night I went to a church thing, and today I went to school. Totally different groups with no crossover of people, so no one would know. Even more awkward? Contradicting that point by talking about wearing the same outfit two days in a row on this blog, when I totally could've not shared that and been secretly awkward all to myself.

You're welcome, internet. 



So I did a tiny little revamp to the layout. Just a few font changes here and there really, but it's enough of a change for me. I added a bloglovin button because I have finally started using that to follow blogs, and it is amazing! So I thought i'd make life easier for anyone who wants to subscribe through bloglovin.

Yesterday and today were both crappy. So I have no outfits worthy of posting, (don't worry I have been clothed for the past two days) as I slept in both days super super late.

But I did my nails last night. And while it looks like they were done by a blind toddler, I am still quite proud of them. It's my first attempt at nail art. 

Yeah, so I can't really make a fist. I don't know why my pinky always hides behind the other fingers...good thing i'm not in any gangs so I don't need to punch anybody. 

As you can see I will not become the worlds greatest hand model anytime soon. But that's okay. I hear it's kind of a rough life anyways. 

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