Penningtons - Styled to Surprise

As I've mentioned in the past, I consider blogging to be a form of activism. My aim is in getting another fat body out there in the sphere,  as a way to show others that you can still love yourself at any size. In particular, I focus on fat acceptance, however I believe every sized body should love themselves. I just happen to be in a fat body, so that's my main focus! Call it a manifesto, if you will.

So that's why i'm excited to talk about this project Penningtons let me know about recently.

I'm delighted a national store is bringing attention to self love and body acceptance. Penningtons is one of the few plus size options we Canadians have, and i'm so excited to see they are becoming an active participant in the fat/body acceptance movement.

What's this campaign all about?

 Penningtons turned an ordinary mirror in their Heartland Town Centre location store into something really extraordinary. Upon standing in front of a mirror, shoppers were stunned to see two completely realistic fireman descend from either side of their reflection via incredible, motion-sensored mirror technology. The fun and flirty firemen checked out the shoppers' new Penningtons clothes and performed a charming act for them before disappearing altogether. (from penningtons.com)

While I promote, and firmly believe that body and self acceptance need to come from within, it sure is nice to get a little validation here and there, (which is why I have this blog, of course.) so it's nice to see these women being praised for their looks, when as we know, so much of the world would disparage these women due to their size.
How nice for these women to experience praise rather than hate, that they are finally looked at an appreciated for being as beautiful as they are.

We should never place our self worth on the acceptance of others, but if you get it, it can sure help you in your self acceptance quest.


In rebranding my blog, I decided to go for a more eclectic vibe. Rather than just share what I wear, I wanted to include other things I am passionate about. 
One of those passions, being good food. 
I actually used to have a food blog, but it has become sorely neglected, much like a middle child.
So this "rebranding" is my attempt to fix that!

So here's a tasty recipe I came up with recently.

Vegan Tofu Panini on Naan

This is a simple and tasty sandwich, super quick for when you want something hearty and warm and also, did I mention delicious? 

You will need, for one substantial sandwich...

1/4 brick of extra firm tofu, drained
A few shakes of liquid smoke
bbq sauce to cover the tofu
1/4 each of red, green, and yellow bell pepper
1/2 small yellow onion
cheese (to make it vegan, use delicious Daiya!!)
2 pieces of naan bread

A day (or a morning) in advance, cut the (drained) tofu into rectangles. Shake some liquid smoke on there, and cover with bbq sauce. Allow to sit in the fridge a few hours or overnight. 

To make the sandwich, sauté the onion and peppers in olive oil until soft and browned.
In a separate pan, heat the tofu over medium heat for about a minute or two each side. (Alternately, you can bake the slices in a 350 oven for 15 mins.)

To assemble the panini...
Take one piece of naan, and smother with bbq sauce. Add the tofu slices. Add the saute'd peppers and onions, and the cheese. Take another piece of naan bread, and put it on top. Spread both the outsides of the pieces of naan bread with (vegan) margarine. Grill until nicely toasted and melty. If you don't have a panini press, a George Foreman grill works wonders here. It's what I use! 

As you can see this is a super lax recipe. If you have any questions let me know! 

So, I went a little scissor happy this weekend...

And chopped off half my bangs.
Or, fringe, as the english call it.
Which I really think sounds much better.

Anyways. I've always wanted to try the 50's pin up bangs, but i've never had the guts. 
I've experimented, but never really gone for it.
But I did like the shorter bangs I rocked on Halloween as Lucy...
So I finally decided to get brave.
And so I snipped, and I snipped.
And then I kept snipping.
Finally, I stopped myself. 
And after putting on some time appropriate makeup, 
I felt a lot better about the transformation.

It's been four days now and I think i've decided that I like them.

p.s. I'm going for a redheaded Traci Lords in Cry Baby look.


The F-Word

As some of you may have noticed, I am fat. This blog, after all started out with the name "Plus Sized Pretty". I have been fat, cubby, overweight, obese, big, plus size, whatever you want to call it, since I was a child. I chose to use the term fat to describe myself now because I am just that. I am fat. It is a descriptive physical characteristic and by embracing it I am taking away it's power as an insult.

As a child... that's when all of this started. I never really fit in, starting as young as kindergarden, when I was the "new girl" with that weird religion; but things only got worse once I started gaining weight.
When I was a child and I started becoming noticeably bigger than the other kids my age, my peers let me know this was not acceptable. I was bullied constantly at school. Every day. They let me know I was not accepted. That there was something wrong with me, and that I was unworthy of acceptance.
But it wasn't just at school. It was at church. The kids my age never let me feel the love my religion has to offer, because I felt so hated by those around me. I got it at home. My older brother making fat jokes. My Grandmother bullying me for being fat. My female cousins, close in age and influential, always talking about diets. My Mom, sympathetic and hopeful, telling me that one day, maybe around high school, I would just "thin out", like she did.

Not to mention the countless images from tv shows, movies, magazines, and later, internet, that penetrated my self perception so deeply that I hated myself. Just like everyone else did. When did this self hate start? For me, I remember watching disney movies and noticing my stomach didn't curve inward like the perfect princesses did. But that's just the experience of one individual.
However the problem is so expansive, so ingrained into our everyday society, that my experience is not unique. It is something almost every girl in this society must now go through. The movie Spanglish does an excellent job of portraying this.

Another example of how vindictive and obsessed the generation has become, can be seen in this clip from Weeds. Celia, the mother, is disapproving and downright abusive to her overweight daughter. Now i'm not trying to imply from these clips that it's the mothers that cause daughters to feel terrible about themselves, my own mother has always been loving and supportive of me no matter my size. Rather I am saying that in our society the need to be thin is so ingrained it has found a way into our homes. A perfect example of what I learned in Women's Studies this semester, hegemony. Hegemony is the dominance of one social group over a culture. I think we all know what force it is we face in this culture.
The endless quest for thin. 

When I first saw Maggie Goes on a Diet, I immediately closed my browser. I clicked away. I didn't want to see the latest body hate the world was perpetuating on the next generation of teenage girls.
The cover of this book hit all too close to home for me. There have been hundreds of clothes i've bought,  that my mother bought for me, that were "motivation" pieces. Items that, while too small, would fit "when I lost weight". After I lost weight, after I could wear those clothes, and then everything else would fall in place. I would have friends at school. Boys would like me. My family would love me more. I would be loved. But of course, these motivation pieces didn't work. Nothing did.

You know what else doesn't work? Hate literature aimed at young girls. The concept of this book is so disgusting I cannot believe it's being published. What kind of a world do we live in where it's acceptable,  even encouraged for young girls to be told so blatantly that they can't find friendship and happiness unless they're thin?
This video shows just how explicit this book implies that to be fat is to be unworthy of love, and only when you are thin can you find acceptance.

I mean, the book says it right there. "Playing soccer gave maggie popularity and fame." Not a killer personality or a great attitude, but the fact that she starts to kick a ball around and subsequent weight loss is what she needs to find acceptance.

One of the best parts to this story, is that all of this diet advice to young girls is being told by a fat old white man. Now I am not meaning to disparage him based on the fact that he is fat, rather point out that he really has no place to tell legions of young girls to diet. He doesn't know what it's like to be a girl faced with these pressures. He doesn't know the torment they endure. Rather, as an old white male, he is in the position of power to do the tormenting.

What I propose is that rather than reinforce the hegemonic weight obsession with out society, and allow this to continue on, we instead look to accept rather than assimilate our youth. In turn we can only hope that one day things will finally change.

Change that will garner confident, self respecting girls. Like the ones featured in "Smart Girls at the Party". Of all the girls profiled in this series, there is never any talk of their weight or appearance being what makes them the extraordinary girls they are.

If only we could see a book more like these, found from the blog Red No.3.

One of my goals in this life is to carve out a safe space for girls and women of every kind. To try and put  a stop to this kind of thinking. In finding my own self acceptance, I know it is the most important and valuable commodity to have. It's something we all must be equipped with in order to get through this life.


Today, the sun came out. An extremely rare event here in Vancouver. 
So I decided to celebrate by brining sunshine into my outfit.
Also, the fact that I haven't done laundry in a very long time, and the fact that the two shirts i'm wearing were clean, had a big part in the decision. 


A blog post in which I make a fool of myself...

So I rocked this skirt today. It's one of my favorites. I just got it at Thanksgiving when my mom and I found it on sale. I just love a cute thing on sale. Lucky for me, so does my mom.
Other than being insanely cute, part of why I love wearing this skirt is how it moves.
But that's hard to show in a picture.

So I proceeded to make a video...
...because I have no shame apparently.

Okay so I know you still can't tell how cute it is in the video but let's just pretend we can and laugh with me, okay?

Basically when I wear this skirt I feel like i'm in Finding Nemo.


All Quiet on the Blog Front...

Sorry for the blogging absence! Midterms have been awful this term, I had so much studying to do! One of them was half my grade, while the other, only worth 30% was cumulative. But they are now over! Woo-hoo! Now I only have a few projects before finals in December... oh, student life!

Anyways, on to the clothes! Shall we?
When the lovely Hannah opened up an etsy I just had to take a look. She's got such great style that I knew she would fill her shop with items that were just as cute as what she showcased on her blog. And I was right! As soon as I checked it out I saw the most incredible dress.

So even though as a student I really shouldn't be spending money, I couldn't get this dress out of my mind, and I just had to snatch it up. It was a great deal too, at only $10. I ended up paying closer to $20 since i'm in Canada but that's still a great deal! 

The lovely aqua colour, the polka dots.... it's like this dress was made for me. 
It's a great length, and roomy, and flowy, so it's incredible comfortable, while still being super stylish. I'm  in love with this dress! 

And with the addition of my favourite yellow cardigan, it's a match made in heaven.

{don't you just love those polka dots?!?!}

So check out Hanna's store! With her eagle eye for all things cute and great prices you can't go wrong. ;)


*Note that this is not a sponsored post. I am just gushing over my new cute dress from a great shop!*
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