busy, and boring

School has been crazy! So life is busy.
And cold, and slushy.
It's been "snowing" here. Which really is just slush, as the coldest it has been here is -10. 
When Edmonton, my homeland, is -40! Hahaha! I do not miss that place.
Anyways, the slush has given me the perfect opportunity to break out my new hunter boots! I finally splurged and got myself a decent pair of rain boots, since I live in Vancouver, and it kind of rains here a lot. I love them! They are so comfortable and the lace-ups give them more style than the plain pair! 
My calves are not all that wide though, so they fit me fine with tights or leggings. Pants, not so much. But then again I try to never wear pants so it's okay. Just a heads up to those with big calves, these might not be the best. The lace-ups are purely cosmetic and they don't allow for more room, which is kind of a bummer, incase I ever do want to wear pants. 

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