Favorite Outfits of '11

I realize this post is a  bit tardy (as am I!) but I still wanted to share my favorite outfits from the year. 
I always knew I loved polka dots, but seeing that all my favorite outfits feature them really emphasizes that love! 

And I just have to include my other favorite garment of the past year, my onesie.
Sadly, Santa did not bring me another this year for Christmas. Apparently "one onsie is more than enough". I beg to differ. 
I freaking love my onesie!!!


  1. Girl, you've got some amazing style!! I just discovered your blog, and I'm so glad I did!! :)

  2. I think it's clear that polka dots are your signature thing! I love all the outfits you selected for this 'best of'.

    It was funny at the store the other day, my mom tried to convince me to buy a onesie but I didn't like the character on it. She thought it was so cute that she then asked if I would buy it for her. My mom in a onesie would be a really weird thing! haha
    Oh well, there is always next year to try and beg for another onesie!


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