Favorite Projects of 2011

Along with my favorite outfits, I thought i'd include my favorite DIY's of the year as well. This year I feel like I accomplished a lot, so why not brag about it? Hahaha. 

By far my proudest project has been working on my sewing. I found a sewing machine at a thrift store (finally!) and set to work. I'm proud to say i've made two (totally wearable!) skirts to date! 

I think my favorite piece I worked on was this up-cycled thrifted sweater. I hemmed the sleeves & added the buttons and lace. It might be one of my favorite things to wear in my entire wardrobe!

I'm also quite fond of my Halloween costume this year. 

I dressed up as one of my idols, Lucille Ball, and made most of the costume myself! It was fun to research the costume and get everything just right. Even if no one knew who I was.

Speaking of dressing up...I had so much fun putting together an outfit for the premiere of the final installment of Harry Potter. It all started with making a t-shirt, then my obsessive crazy crafter took over and I went with a Luna Lovegood costume.

I'm also pretty thrilled with this dresser my mom and I worked on. We found it at a thrift shop, I fell inlove with the detailing, but hated the colour (a disgusting throw up shade of mauve) so we painted it my favorite colour, bright turquoise! I love it when my mom comes to visit!

While she was here we also re-finished my boring old ikea hutch. We painted it the same turquoise as we may have bought too much paint....(I still have left over...) and put some decorative paper on the drawers.

I also covered some boring magazine holders with more scrapbook paper to make them pretty! (And if you can see, the back of my bookshelf even got painted. Nothing was safe from my mother armed with that turquoise paint!)

And since i'm sharing credit with my mother on the last few, I'll also claim my share of credit for this lovely apron. Really all I did was pick out the fabric and the pattern, and my mom (super seamstress that she is) sewed it all together. 
I also helped cut some of the fabric, and kept her company while she sewed...so it was really a team effort. ;) 

I also had some fun with chalkboard paint! I made the chalkboard (pictured with the hutch) and I also painted labels on a bunch of glass Ikea jars I scored (for free!) at a set dec sale! (Along with a few I already had...)

I think that's it for my favorites of 2011. It sure is nice to look back and remember i've accomplished these things! I love my new hobbies. I've really only started cultivating my individual craftiness in the last two years. I grew up with the craftiest mother around, who can sew anything, so i've always had the mentality of "we can make/sew/alter that". I do love working on projects with my mother when were together but since we live in different provinces it's been nice to be a little more self sufficient and get some projects done on my own! Like sewing! 

Here's to lots more projects for 2012!

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