Lacey Sunday

Get it? LACEY Sunday? Like lazy Sunday?
I am quite the lover of puns.

{Sad as it is, this is the best shot I got today, despite my closed eyes. haha}

I also love this lace skirt I got from City Chic. And as you can see I really love it with red. ;)
I also love that I feel comfortable rocking such a tight skirt, and not even care about all the disparaging looks I got today. Yay confidence! 
As Kenneth Parcell would say, haters to the left!


  1. I love this outfit ... very chic.

  2. Ahahahaha so clever! That Lazy Sunday video is definitely one of my favorite products to ever come from SNL.

    I've also recently embraced the skin tight skirts. Just gotta say, you are rocking the heck out of yours!


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