Someone today told me I looked like an american flag.
That all I needed from some stars.
Which is not exactly what I was going for...

{skirt: thrifted, sweater: thrifted and altered}

This outfit was just thrown together while I was rushing to get ready and get to church. And I do like it, even though I am Canadian so it feels a bit odd to be dressed like an American flag...
Another thing I love about this outfit is that it is all thrifted! 

Now, speaking of thrifting...
I had a little thrifting adventure on the weekend, and I found myself a vintage, mint condition (in the original box) rotary phone!!!

I've been dreaming of one my whole life. I've always loved them and the clicking noise they make as you spin the dial. And they are just so cute. I've always wanted a vibrant colour, but decided this lovely cream phone would do the trick.

But since I don't actually have a landline, I just use it as my apartment buzzer. Now I actually get excited when people come over!! 

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  1. Hi,
    Just wondering how you got your rotary phone to work as your apartment buzzer. Not sure if you had to rig it or does it just work?


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