Count Backwards from 1000 by sevens, and Think of Warm Brownies

I am a brownie queen.
Always have been.
I like tangerines.
Okay, rhyming stops there.

But really, I rock at making brownies. As a kid when I first started baking, one of my first endeavors were brownies.  I used my mother's tried and true recipe, and the result, was stupendulous. My father raved, and raved, about how far superior they were to my mom's brownies. But not to her face, my father is not that mean.
But I had to agree. Mine were gooey and chewy but not in a salmonella kind of way. I had a gift. 
And that gift was to make amazing brownies.

I've since moved from my mothers brownie recipe, full of butter and eggs, for an even yummier vegan brownie. (Thanks, Paulina!)

But baking from scratch, while awesome and fulfilling and delicious, is time consuming and requires a lot of clean up. And as a student with NO FREE TIME who just finally tackled a ginormous mountain of dishes (that had maybe been pilling up for weeks) over the weekend, i'm not spending precious internet time slumped over a sink covered in suds.

Enter the easiest brownie recipe ever, courtesty of Busy Bee Lauren. I saw this a while back and it's always been floating around in my mind grapes to give it a try.
So tonight, I made brownies.,

Take your beans, and brownie mix. Blend beans with one cup of water, then add to brownie mix and combine. 

Throw some chocolate chips in there, cause the only acceptable addition to brownies is chocolate.

Enjoy the delicious batter. Wonder if making out with a spatula counts toward your number...
then realize your number is still less than any teenager these days, and that you just got more action with your spatula than you did on your super awkward and terrible date this weekend. Such is the life of a spinster.

LAUGH at how little dishes you have to clean. TAKE THAT, DISHES!!

Then enjoy a delicious warm brownie.

But for the record, while these brownies were delicious, this vegan brownie recipe is still the best ever. 
Take it from me.
I'm the brownie expert.


Bad Blogger

Oh, what a bad blogger I have been. School is so so totally crazy this semester. I'm taking four courses successfully for the first time this semester. I've previously attempted four, but had to drop one, but so far this time around i'm doing really good in them! But this means I have no life. Which for me means very little internet. Which is my life. 
Here's an example of the craziness that is my life for this next month.

  • Next week I have two in-class presentations
  • the following I have another presentation, a paper, and a project due.
  • The week after that I have a midterm.
  • The week after that I have a giant super intense research paper due.
  • The week after that I have yet another crazy intense paper due.
  • Then, you guessed it! Another paper! 
THEN IT'S FINALS!!! Not to mention all the other little assignments that are sprinkled in this last month of school that I can't even think about yet. 

Just writing that list is giving me heart palpitations. But i'm also pretty excited, because this is all a lot of fun for me, crazy as that might sound. I'm writing one paper on Freaks and Geeks. Another on Downton Abbey. Getting credit for obsesssing over a tv show? YES PLEASE! That's why I love school.
So even though it's totally crazy, I'll get through it. 
I'm powering my little engine with positive thoughts, altering the mantra to "I know I can, I know I can, I know I can..."

ANYWAYS. Here is a lil' outfit from a time I actually managed to take a photo. Woo-hoo! The top is Anthropologie. For Christmas my two siblings conspired to get me a giftcard with enough money to actually buy something from that store. I'd say it's cause they know me so well, but really I think my constant reminder of "anthropologiegiftcard-anthropologiegiftcard-anthropologiegiftcard-anthropologiegiftcard" as soon as I landed in Edmonton finally sunk in this past year.


I'm alive!

...barely. You see, last week I was suffering from the worst affliction of all-midterms. I pretty much spent every second with my head in a book, trying to get my knowledge on. Add to that a big project due at the same time, and getting sick towards the last midterm and...well...it's been a fun couple of weeks.

So here's some outfits from two weeks ago, back when I used to leave my house.

I'm finally just getting over a miserable cold/flu thing i've had for about a week. Hooray! 
The only good thing about being sick for a week is getting better acquainted with my netflix subscription, and finally watching Downton Abbey. I am obsessed! However I must stop myself from finishing the second season as I have a huge assignment to get done for Monday...
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