I'm alive!

...barely. You see, last week I was suffering from the worst affliction of all-midterms. I pretty much spent every second with my head in a book, trying to get my knowledge on. Add to that a big project due at the same time, and getting sick towards the last midterm and...well...it's been a fun couple of weeks.

So here's some outfits from two weeks ago, back when I used to leave my house.

I'm finally just getting over a miserable cold/flu thing i've had for about a week. Hooray! 
The only good thing about being sick for a week is getting better acquainted with my netflix subscription, and finally watching Downton Abbey. I am obsessed! However I must stop myself from finishing the second season as I have a huge assignment to get done for Monday...


  1. Oh boy, what a time! I'm so sorry you're in a mess of sickness and school.
    I assumed you were still alive by your abundance of funny posts on Tumblr. You have such a great sense of humor!

    I am totally looovin' your last outfit in this post. That is some perfect pattern mixing right there!

  2. I looooooove the first outfit! The shorts + tights look awesome!

  3. I love the yellow tights and LOVE Downton Abbey. Such a good show! I found your blog via Clothed Much. I am having a Blog Hop Party right now and would love for you to link up:>



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