she wears (a) heart on her sleeve

Anyone get that title reference? 90's kids? It's only part of the lyrics to one of my favorite show's theme songs growing up, Clueless. Those were the days. I can't of kind help to get that song in my head while thinking of this sweater. 
'Cause there's a heart. On my sleeve.
Yeah, i'm deep like that.

I adore elbow patches. They are so cute and a fun way to add interest.
Since I can't always find sweaters with patches on them, I figured I could just add them.  

I've had this project in my mind a lil while now, and the other day I finally got to it. It was extremely easy as I just bought some iron on patches from the store. All it required was cutting out a shape, a swipe of the iron, and voila! A new look to an old sweater. 

In doing this DIY I also figured it's incredibly awkward to take a photo of your elbow. 
And it was an unbearably cloudy day I wore this. So bear with! 



Somehow I unintentionally celebrated "pi day", despite my hatred of mathematics, and pie. 
By drinking a pumpkin pie smoothie.

It was the morning of March the fourteenth, that upon making my morning smoothie, instead of adding a bit of cocoa to my frozen banana and soy milk, I went for a few scoops of pumpkin, and some spices. 
It was pure delight in a cup. 
I highly recommend it. Who says you can only have pumpkin flavors in the fall?

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

1 frozen banana
1 1/2-2 cups of soy milk (or any milk)
2-3 heaping spoonfuls of pure canned pumpkin
some shakes of cinnamon and nutmeg
a few drops of vanilla extract
sweetener, to taste (agave, honey, sugar, etc)

1/2 tbsp of ground flax seed (optional, I like adding to to my smoothies for a little health kick.)

Assemble all ingredients in a blender or pulverizer of choice. (I use an immersion blender and a large measuring cup). 
Sip through a straw and enjoy a healthy delicious smoothie, any time of day or year your heart desires.


An absence.

The lovely (in it's own way) Southern Alberta. (via my instagram)

Sorry for the absence, folks.
This semester has got me into quite the tizzy.
I'm enjoying all my classes so much, yet they are all driving me crazy. 

To add to all that stress, there was a death in the family last week.
I went to Southern Alberta over the weekend for the funeral.
It was good to be with family. 
However I do not do well with death.
I also do not do well with stress. 

But I am trying to get by.
So please bear with me.
I will return shortly! 

Until that time, I have queued a few little posts. 
Please enjoy.


A glittle DIY...

Get it? (G)little..?
Okay so my puns are lame but I feel these shoes are definitely not.

I all started when I saw these glitter TOMS in the mall around Christmas. I loved them, obviously, cause they were glittery...but I didn't love them enough for the $60something price tag. 
Cut to a few weeks ago, when I found that zellers had some knock-off TOMS style flats, and I knew just what to do...
It was craft time.

All it took was some glitter and modpodge to re-create those lovely glitter toms I had my eyes on, for less than half the price! The shoes were under $20, and I can't do math so I don't know how much the glitter and glue cost would come to, but I know it was totally cheap.

And since I love me some glitter, I couldn't help but glitter up whatever else I could, so I rummaged around my apartment until I found something to add some glitz to...

And my lil' ikea toolset ended up being my victim.
I think they are much better now. More fun to not just look at, but to use as well. 
Most of my friends just laugh, the male ones are horrified, but I LOVE my glitter tools.

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