A glittle DIY...

Get it? (G)little..?
Okay so my puns are lame but I feel these shoes are definitely not.

I all started when I saw these glitter TOMS in the mall around Christmas. I loved them, obviously, cause they were glittery...but I didn't love them enough for the $60something price tag. 
Cut to a few weeks ago, when I found that zellers had some knock-off TOMS style flats, and I knew just what to do...
It was craft time.

All it took was some glitter and modpodge to re-create those lovely glitter toms I had my eyes on, for less than half the price! The shoes were under $20, and I can't do math so I don't know how much the glitter and glue cost would come to, but I know it was totally cheap.

And since I love me some glitter, I couldn't help but glitter up whatever else I could, so I rummaged around my apartment until I found something to add some glitz to...

And my lil' ikea toolset ended up being my victim.
I think they are much better now. More fun to not just look at, but to use as well. 
Most of my friends just laugh, the male ones are horrified, but I LOVE my glitter tools.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog and I really it. Glitter can be a lot of fun. I just started my first fashion link party, called Watch What I'm Wearing, and I would be honored if would add a link at www.watchoutforthewoestmans.blogspot.com. Who knows maybe you will get some new visitors from it as well.

  2. *drool* So. Much. Glitter. I love it!

    Both projects turned out spectacular. And you're very punny. :)

  3. Oh my goodness! That's hilarious that you did your tools!!! The "Toms" look great! Came across your blog via CM! I think I'll look around for a bit! Take care!
    The Mrs. and The Momma

  4. Love it! They turned out so cute.



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