I'm Still Alive

Oh, hey!
I'm still alive.
Things have just been cray-cray. For the past two months it feels like i've done nothing but study and write papers. It's so bad I didn't even know what the new Johnny Depp/Tim Burton movie was called. (Of which I am truly ashamed.)
Good news is, I got 92% on the. hardest. paper. ever. for sociology. I'm still in shock but I guess working day and night on that thing for a month did pay off afterall! I'm still waiting on my final marks for a few courses but so far i've got two B's (and one with a +) under my belt so things are okay.

I had a birthday Monday, and I used it to the full advantage. I got free coffee, breakfast, lipstuff, veggie burger,  froyo, a smoothie, and I still have two dinner vouchers and one for icecream to put to good use.  Getting free stuff really made up for having to write an exam at 8:30am on my birthday and two the following day.
Exams have been quite the hellish journey. But alas, they are finally over. I am trying my best to be relieved and not nervous about the outcome. 

While finishing up exams I was dog sitting in a mansion on a mountain. Pretty sweet deal. Everyday I got to wake up to gorgeous views and explore the beauty of the lower mainland. The best part of it was this little guy.

Come on. Look at that face. I had a blast snuggling with this cutie for two weeks.

All my life I have wanted a dog but my mother hates animals (unless they are are to eat) and never allowed us the privilege of a pet. I have only experienced life with a dog vicariously since my father's parents are never without at least one canine friend. 
So getting to have this lil' guy to play with was really the greatest thing in the world.
My mom thought it might finally cure my dog-fever, but really, I now want a dog more than I ever have before. (And this is coming from someone who spends hours on petfinder playing make believe looking for animals to adopt...)

So while i'm currently suffering from a severe doggy withdrawal, exams are over and that means two weeks of absolutely no responsibility.
Which for me, means spending a lot of quality time with Netflix, and the internet in general.
And maybe doing some VERY MUCH NEEDED post-finals cleaning. 
My apartment is a DISASTER. 

Here's an adorable pic of me with two of my besties, having a little dinner on the deck last week, over-looking the ocean.

That's the life. 


  1. Great job with your grades! It's nice to see you here again.
    And happy birthday!


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