Self Love

So I recently started an art blog.
I use the term 'art' loosely, as I do not fancy myself a person with real talent, but I enjoy drawing and dabbling in painting. 
It also helps me heal immensely.
I am inspired and healed by the work of others, so I thought i'd put myself out there in hopes of doing the same.

Here's a fat/body positive piece I did this weekend after an experience at the pool.
Shared here because, well, that's what Plus Sized Pretty is all about! ;)

If you'd like, follow along with my healing process at Cynical Girl Art


Lately i've been seeing a lot more accordion skirts around.
Which makes me laugh that I got this baby for under $10 at a thrift store last year!

Shirt: Fossil, eons ago
Belt: H&M
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Old Navy, back in HS

I've definitely been going through quite the funk lately, but putting together an outfit that felt so me, (the polka dots, the bright colour, the bow!) really did a lot for my mood. As Charlie (via Stephen Chobosky) would say: "I don't think we should base so much on weight, muscles, and a good hair day, but when it happens, it's nice. It really is."

Check out how I wore this skirt as a dress here!
Or how I paired it with yellow (again) here!


A Dotty DIY

 Remember my glitter shoe DIY? Those same $8 knock-off toms inspired another lil' crafty shoe...


I bought the pair of red shoes thinking, okay, red shoes. I like it. 
Until it came to me...I should paint them! With polka dots! 
Polka dots are always better than no polka dots. Obviously.

All it takes is some fabric paint, and a paint brush! I used a little round stamping brush to make the shapes more consistent.

I went back and forth from using a pattern, to just wingin' it and putting dots all over the place.
I'm really happy with the result. Everytime I wear them, I get at least one comment on them. (So far, only positive ones), and then people can't believe I painted them.

I love my polka dot shoes! They are cute and whimisical, and kind of remind me of minnie mouse, and I kind of feel like i'm wearing dice on my feet, but that's okay!

Happy crafting!

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