Self Love

So I recently started an art blog.
I use the term 'art' loosely, as I do not fancy myself a person with real talent, but I enjoy drawing and dabbling in painting. 
It also helps me heal immensely.
I am inspired and healed by the work of others, so I thought i'd put myself out there in hopes of doing the same.

Here's a fat/body positive piece I did this weekend after an experience at the pool.
Shared here because, well, that's what Plus Sized Pretty is all about! ;)

If you'd like, follow along with my healing process at Cynical Girl Art


  1. I LOVE this picture.
    It's an inspiration and I feel the same as you do; "I find the more comfortable I get with my own body, the more uncomfortable others get. And it really pisses me off. "
    I haven't received so many dirty looks in my home town as I do now that I have a blog and I flaunt the way I look and how comfortable I am with myself.
    You said it. Amen. Keep up these pictures, I love them.
    I also enjoy your diagram of "chub-rub". A good trick if you don't have shorts on; carry some deodorant. Lather up your thighs whenever you go to the bathroom and not only will it lubricate your legs, but it will also make you smell amazing down south.

    - Julia


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