I can't believe it's been over a month since I blogged here.

I'm sorry, blog.
I still love you.
Even though I neglect you.
You're like a middle child to me.

Speaking of middle child syndrome, I was back home in Alberta for over two weeks. Where I was treated as (always) the typical middle child so it's like I wasn't even there. Apparently a wedding is more exciting than seeing your "renegade daughter" (literally my mother's words) who moved all the way to another province once reaching adulthood. Fun fact: my brother, when he finally moved out (after I did!) bout a house only a block away from my parents. Yeah. I move all the way to the (almost) tip of the west coast, and then my sibling moves a block away.
But what's even better, is that my sister, who just got married and (eventually) moved out of my parent's house with her new husband, decided to make the huge life change of living in a family members basement. This time, it was my brother's basement. A block away from my parents.
So now my brother and sister are living in the same house (though on separate floors, with their respective other half's) and i'm the freak middle child that got the hell out of there as soon as I could. And quite a bit farther away, as well. A good 1158.1 km away from them.

ANYWAYS. This is a style blog. Not a desperate rantings of a pathetic middle child blog.

So speaking of my sisters wedding, this is what I wore.

I had no idea what I was going to wear until the day of the wedding. My mother and I went in search of something to wear, and after hitting up a few stores, we walked in to penningtons, spotted this beauty, and as soon as I put it on we knew it was a winner. I love the colour and the gorgeous flower detail! 
I also completely inadvertently matched my sister's decor, which happened to have turquoise and red as her colours. 

 I also finally dyed my hair back to it's former glory, a bright shiny red. I am so so so in love with this colour. And best of all, it frightened all the old people that saw me there. Success!

Though, my grandma was actually pretty cool with my bright hair. 

And for good measure, here is my little sister looking gorgeous in her dress.


  1. :) Welcome back! Love your dress and her wedding dress


  2. Glad to see you posting again! And I LOVE your dress - it looks fabulous on you! The colour is perfect with your bright red hair!

  3. Your hair looks great with that dress!
    I'm a middle child as well. In my family, I was the one that my parents never really had to worry about. I didn't really go through a rebellious stage like my two sisters did, haha. I was the "easy" child, I suppose.

  4. Between the hair and the dress, you are looking amazing. Glad to see you back!

  5. lol, sounds more like you're the badass middle child. keep it up!

    your dress and hair both look great. i wish i could pull off braids like that.

  6. Love your blog. Found you on Clothed Much!
    New follower for sure! Follow me back via GFC too?


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