ahead of my time

Did you know I was a fashion blogger before fashion bloggers were really a thing?
Yep. It's true.

I'm (attempting) to clean out my harddrive tonight and came across these pictures from 2007.
When I liked my outfit and coaxed my little sister to go into a field and take pictures of me.

As you can see comparing these old snaps to my latest pictures, i've certainly lost my knack for posing.

I call this one "llama breaks free".

Just look at that Alberta backdrop!

Finding these pictures gives me an idea of how to re-create this outfit more stylish. ('cause really, what was I so in love with here?)

Stay tuned! 

p.s. did this title get this song in your head?  Was I the only one so obsessed with Joseph that i'd race home from school everyday to watch it and make my sister re-enact the dances with me? Yes, I was? No one else is that nerdy you say? Yeah.... 

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