Family Style

A while back, my Grandpa bestowed upon me a few discs of cd's he had inherited from a family member, and asked me to put them on a dvd.
In going through his life in pictures, I came to realize that my Grandma was one very stylish lady. 
Looking back at her clothes (and glasses!) I am filled with envy and rage, because nothing was saved.
The only thing we have is this lovely scrap of white fabric with silver stitching from one of my grandmother's dresses that my mother will absolutely not let me steal!
So all I can do is stare wistfully to the style that came before me.
It's no wonder I have such great style!
I've been meaning to post this since I started my blog, to give credit to the style mavens before me (ha!) , okay, to share all you vintage lovers some of my favorite pieces.

One of my favorites. Just look at that dress!
Oh, and my Grandma looks so adorable and happy here and I totally see my mom in this photo.

Look at that full skirt!
Oh, and my grandparents being cute.

This is just one of my favorite pictures I think i've ever seen.

This yellow dress haunts my dreams constantly. I want it on me.
(That's my cutie mama in the front)

SO JEALOUS of my Grandma's glasses.

Sorry to brag, but my grandparents were really really ridiculously good looking. 
(Note that my Grandpa signed his photo to my Grandmother "Forever, my love" awww...)

My grandpa's sister also knew how to dress. 

So jealous of my great aunt's hair volume and gorgeous chartreuse dress!

Maybe I would've liked winter more if people still dressed like this.

I can't forget about the boys and their fashion sense. Checkout my great grandpa rocking the three-piece and my little grandpa's coat!

Thanks for getting nostalgic with me.
There's such a strong part of me that longs to have been here at an earlier time. I was made for the fashions. The oppression, not so much...


  1. Yes... I love looking at old photographs! I was looking at a ton of my mother-in-law's photos from when she was younger the other day. Such entertainment :)
    I love the Sacred Grove picture too. It looks really creepy for being such a reverent place, haha.

  2. Awesome pics! Love the:)


  3. Awww photos of yesteryear! What a stylish family you come from. I'm sure there are far too many overalls in my old family pictures.. lol


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