Instagram Dump

This is a thing bloggers do, right? Post intapics? 
Well, i'm doing that now. 
Because I can't find my camera cord OR battery charger, so I don't have access to the two times i've actually taken real outfit shots in months. Fail.

What I typically wear to school. I live for dresses and tights.

Just got this adorable yellow coat from Old Navy.
Even though my friend told me I look like Paddington Bear.
I personally think it's more like the salt girl.

This is my go-to hairstyle for when I haven't washed my hair in days. (Which is often.)
I always get comments from strangers on how "fancy" it is. If only they knew!!!

Just some beautiful foliage. I love fall.

I made caramel apples for Halloween night!

Halloween day I went as a spinster. (Aka myself.)
Get it? I'm hilarious.
I even had a cat.

When I sprayed my hair black for my Spock costume it made me really miss my black hair.
I keep thinking about dying it back, until I remember how much I love my red hair.

I'm really loving this polka dot sweater from old navy.
(ignore the mess of my closet. yes, I keep paper towel in my closet-my apartment is small!)

Another reason to love fall: PUMPKINS!

New glasses from Clearly Contacts. I'm in love.

I've been fostering cats this fall (because i'm lonely, but afraid of commitment) 
and this girl was my favorite. She was so cute and cuddly.
Though, she was a biter. She bit my NECK. 
She'd come in my room in the morning, walk on top of me, then creep up next to my head, lick my neck, then bite. She's a catpire. 

Another beautiful Vancouver street in the fall.

It's pumpkin pancake time at IHOP!
aka my favorite time ever.

Until next time! Hopefully soon. School is in the final stretch! yaay!

And don't forget to follow along on instagram if you have it! My username is erin_grey.


  1. this is so fantastic! you are just over in Vancouver?? SMALL wORLD! I am currently living in Edmonton :D but wow, there is no fall here. Only snow. Already.

    I really like your blog! I am a plus sized girl myself and I love seeing your fashion pics and such. Thanks for blogging!

    1. Even crazier...I am from Edmonton! I moved out to Vancouver about five years ago because I hate snow! Edmonton has only two seasons-winter, and construction season. ;)
      Thanks fo reading! Glad to have you here. :)

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  3. sorry to be a creeper who creeps, but seriously, you have the most beautiful eyes and nose! just had to say that. :D


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