This is Halloween!

I think it's clear that I LOVE Halloween.
Really, I love dressing up as beloved characters.

So for the church dance I went as Spock. Complete with genuine Vulcan ears!

It was part of a group costume- rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock.

Yeah, I have the coolest friends.

Also, please notice how legit my eyebrows were.
I did them all by my (amateur) self!

Then Wednesday night I decided to dress up again.
This time as beloved feminist icon Rosie the Riveter!

I had some friends over for some caramel apples and classic halloween movie viewing. (The Great Pumpkin, and Hocus Pocus!) A great way to spend the holiday in my humble opinion. 

You'll notice these costumes are incredibly simple-I already had everything needed, just had to put it all together! 
This just proves how insanely busy my semester is. Full course load and working has been in.sane. 
So bear with! It may be another month before i'm fully back! 


  1. The group costume is brilliant! Big Bang Theory sure is full of gems.

  2. Love rosie the riveter outfit. I always struggle to get my hair looking god with the scarf! Just found your blog and love it!


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