More thoughts on 'Pants'.

A few more thoughts on yesterday's event:

I believe that Heavenly Father created women and man to be equal.
Unfortunately, he created people that are not perfect.
Which is why there is inequality.

While there are women that don't feel this way (yay!) there are many who do.
Similarily, there are men that feel outcasted. (Like anyone not married by 26 is a "menace to society".)
This day was for them.

No one can deny that historically, women have been disadvantaged. The Mormon culture is no exception to this. 

Wearing pants, while a protest, was also a way of confirming how far we've come.

At the same time, wearing pants was a reminder of how much further we have to go.

"The action here has nothing to do with some rule about wearing pants to church. Calling attention to social norms within our community, those “unwritten order of things” that so often negatively impact or impose on women (and yes there are some for men too!) and doing so in a spirit of sisterly solidarity is important. Many of these may seem “small”, but accumulated they help define our social world. Other norms, however, have profound effects on women’s psychological, emotional and physical well-being. Some of the worst we have already left behind as enlightened members and leaders have come to understand and reject them. Choosing to violate this particular social norm has large symbolic meaning within the broader arc of feminism since it was among the symbolic rights our feminist foremothers fought for and a symbol they used in the past in their fight for suffrage and equality."

I've explained that I wore pants for myself and for others that felt alone.

Also, I wore pants For my mother, who was told:
  • "a woman doesn't need an education".
  • that taking care of her aging mother with severe Alzheimer's was "woman's work", so she had to carry all the responsibility. 
  • for being mocked, belittled, and criticized for being an "old maid" before she got married at twenty three
I wore pants for my mother, who despite all these things, has been socialized to not think that any of this is a problem

Wearing pants was in no way criticizing the Gospel or Heavenly Father. 
It was a wake up call to our social culture that sometimes overpowers our spirituality. 

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