I'm a little late to the party (thanks, finals, for taking over my life) but today is Wear Pants to Church Day.
I haven't been attending church for the past few months, so I'm not going today, but If I was, I would be wearing pants. Even though I don't wear pants and I hate them. I would wear pants for the cause.

To feel power and autonomy.

Wear pants this Sunday – and every Sunday if you wish. And if and when you begin to experience a bodily sensation you associate with authority, give the sensation a name. Decide if it’s fear or rebellion or honor. Let that sensation pass through you….. through you and out of you so that you can move on to other things.
To stand together for a cause.
But even a gentle break with Mormon social convention, even a modest effort to help progressive Mormons feel less alone in the faith is enough to engender a national reaction, as Wear Pants to Church Day organizers have since discovered.
To challenge gender/social norms.

The pant suit carries many connotations, most prominently, that of the professional women.  The fact is that when people accuse women who want to wear pants to church as wanting to “be men” it is playing directly (whether they know it or not) on the gender norm that men are professionals and providers while women are the center of the domestic sphere. Clearly these are gender norms in which the church has long been heavily invested and have consequences for women and families.
The fact women can even wear pants,  own property, even not BE property were all thanks to women who stood up and demanded they be heard and counted.One way to do this is to challenge the “unwritten order of things” to begin conversations, open dialogue and yes, even raise a little heck.  What is more Mormon than that? 
I'm so proud of all the sisters that decided to wear pants today.
I hope that by doing so, by presenting a challenge to the norm and the "unwritten" social rules we face so many of in Mormon society, that things can change.

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