While I may find it hard to blog these days i'm constantly instagramming. So much that when regular (non-blogging folk) find me from facebook they comment "wow, you really post a lot." 
Pssht. What do they know?! They live in the real world! I live on the internet! ;)

I think I need a change of bangs. Contemplating an asymetrical look like on the left.
Also contemplating going back to contacts, because, really. Double glasses are a hassle.

Here's some yummy vegan eats. On the left is homemade oreo's (I used Chocolate Covered Katie's recipe) and a homemade vegan orange julius. 1/2 banana (frozen would be good) 1 cup orange juice, 1/4 soy milk, 1/4 cup ice, and tiny splash of vanilla extract. Blend and devour immediately.

I finally splurged on something fun and got myself some washi tape! I'm obsessive about my moleskine planner, and so I decided it was worth it to get some cute tapes to help spruce things up.
Other than using tape in my planner, a lot of doodles happen. These were my favorite moments from TV last week. (The Mindy Project and New Girl.)

I've been on such a LUSH kick lately. I made the switch over to their face cleansers months ago, and my skin has improved leaps and bounds. My favorite is Aqua Marina but the one on the right here (Let the Good Times Roll) is a new favorite. It smells like candy corn!! I usually stay away from exfoliants, as I have sensitive skin, but this is gentle enough for me to use.

Since I don't have self control I have been treating myself to lots of LUSH lately. Which means frequent baths. I used to HATE baths (I still kind of do-see how much of me sticks out of the tub?) but if I have a lush product (left) and some good reading (right) I can manage it. 

Vancouver has been super foggy lately, which I love.
When the fog isn't there, you can see the mountains. Which I also really love.

I managed to fit in some thrifting the other day. This sweater and skirt were just meant to be. I found them with no effort and they were cheap and just my size! I ended up buying them since it was such kismit, but I passed on this adorable little milk jug in an attempt to be responsible. I have been kicking myself for not buying it ever since I walked out of that shop! Way to be smart and not spend two whole dollars, Erin. 

 I'm only taking two classes this term (then I can FINALLY transfer to University). One is basic English (newly changed requirement for one school) and is super easy, and the other is a critical thinking class, which is super hard. So I go back and forth from feeling really smart to really stupid. It's very humbling.
So i'm spending a lot of time in the library lately. 

Speaking of which, I should put some pants on and go there now. 

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  1. I'm so so happy you posted some vegan recipes. I've never followed a plus size fashion blogger that has posted vegan recipes. It's very refreshing. Also I have to add you look fabulous in those glasses.


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